You Are a Heart-Catcher

God said:

Make an assumption that everyone you meet looks with favor upon you. This is the one thing you must assume. You must assume this, and you have not been. You have been assuming otherwise.

Assume goodness. Assume that every heart beats to welcome you. And have yours ready the same.

Not every heart knows this truth. But you do. And from now on, this is what you will incur from every heart. You will show it itself.

Many hearts have been strangers to themselves. They have been clamped shut. You are a releaser of that clamp. I sent you to the world so that you would open hearts wide. Enter another's heart, and you have opened it wide.

What an easy task! Not formidable. Not a task at all. It is like I have given you ice cream to eat all day long, all the flavors, one newly-discovered flavor after another — you can never tire of ice cream I give or run out. It is like I have given you mountains of ice cream, and so you scoop the delicious ice cream out of your heart on a spoon of your love, and you share it.

Of course, ice cream is cold, so My metaphor falls short, for within hearts there is no coldness. Only warmth. But warmth contracted feels cold.

So We shall compare your heart to delicious hot steaming soup. Just a whiff of your heartiness swirls around in the atmosphere, and many look up, wondering what that wonderful aroma is. It is the soup of your heart. Your heart is always the soup du jour, and you are the ladler of a big pot of it.

Or your love is like hot chocolate poured on shivering hearts, melting them.

Your heart is like the sun beaming brightly, warming corners of the universe.

Your heart is telescopic.

Your heart is unending.

If hearts were not covered up, you would see their power. You would know that each beat is pulsed universally. You would know there is a common beat and each next beat greater than the one before. You are amplifying the world in a crescendo so great that it encircles the world and brings the whole world to you. Your heart is the caretaker of the universe. It is the babysitter. Your heart is the feeder.

Do you think that love in hearts is uncommon? No, love is rampant, but you may have noticed the hiding of hearts more than the revealing.

So now you doff your heart like a gentleman his hat. You are a magician of hearts. One doff of your heart, and wonders you perform. You initiate a surge of love, a stream of love, a flood of love that cannot be stemmed. Once set in motion, love keeps going. It overflows from one heart to another. It spills everywhere, and yet there is more. All returns to its source.

It is fair to say that you are the source of great love in the universe. I initiated it, and you carry it on. It is My torch. And it is splendor that you carry. You are the sound heard round the world. And you are the light that reaches all hearts everywhere. Where your body is is incidental. Where your heart is is monumental. I see your heart right now, whirling fast, holding its hat, circling the world, catching every heart in its effulgence, giving all hearts a tinch of themselves. Never stop.