You Are an Instrument of God's Love

God said:

Nothing in the universe is wasted. You understand that about physical matter very well. Well, then, if nothing in the universe is wasted, then everything is significant. The blossoming tree is significant and the leaves that fall are significant. Falling leaves till the soil and nourish next year's fruit. Nothing in nature is a waste of time. It all serves good purpose. The sapling grows, the fruit ripens, the fruit and leaves fall, all like waves, and with each wave, there is another. How do you separate waves really?

And so do your lives serve. Nothing in your life is ever wasted any more than anything else in nature. You are part of nature. Every event in your life is significant to the whole. You may well not see the significance, just as, when leaves fall, you literally see only the leaves falling. You don't see their actual nourishing of the tree and its future fruit.

And so with your lives. Even when you are in dismay, your life is not less. If you could trust that all that occurs, and all that you do and all that you don't do make abundant contribution to the whole, you wouldn't mind so much that you actually see only a little of it.

If you could know that you in your life on earth are seeding the world for something wonderful, if you could know that you are significant, not incidental; if you could know that you are essential, not extraneous; if you could know that you contribute greatly to the whole, how, then, would you ever be unhappy?

If you knew that I chose you to be an instrument of My love, would you grumble? If you knew your worth to Me and to the world, would your heart ever break in two? And yet, not even heartbreak, is wasted. Everything serves a purpose greater than itself.

Your life is more than the parameters of your life. You are part of a bigger wave. You are part of the ocean. You ARE the ocean.

In any case, if all events in life are equal in significance, whether noted or not, if all lives are equal in significance, whatever the life may look like, then all Human Beings on earth are equal and equally significant.

There is no higher or lower. There is no better or worse. There is no more or less. There is no first, and there is no last. Your attributes are not the making of you. Your attributes, no matter how important to you or others or the world, are irrelevant. I hope that doesn't offend you. All you have strived for, and all the good you have done, now you find out that it is not so significant as you thought, yet vital to your understanding of yourself. In any case, not one kernel of you is ever wasted.

Look straight across at your fellow man. No one is higher than you. You are not higher than anyone. Nor are you lower. Look into other's eyes from the same height.

In the sense in which I speak, no one is richer, no one is poorer. No one is handsomer, no one is less handsome. No one is anything that another is not.

What do you think I see when I look at you? I see My beautiful light, and, to My delight, all of you sparkle equally. I know Who you are. I wish you knew too. Meanwhile, will you take My word for it? You are My Holy Being on earth. Like leaves falling, the humanness of you falls away. All the while, your light shines ever bright.