You Are a Gift

God said:

When you feel My love, it is for you. And it is for everyone. That is one reason why you can feel My love so much at the times you do because My love is full. It is not dissipated. It reaches everywhere, and so, wherever it reaches, it is expanded. It bounces off itself.

You cannot have more of My love, for you have it all. If My love were sequestered for you alone, you would not have more. You would have less. And that is how love is. It belongs to no one. It belongs to everyone.

A way for you to begin is to know that you are a gift to the universe. You are not a burden. You have thought you were extraneous to the universe. You thought you were nonessential. You thought you were a weight, and therefore you felt the world as a weight.

Come to accept that you are a gift. You are My gift I gave to the universe. I created you because you were to be created, and because it filled My heart to create you. I chose to create you, and yet I had no choice because My heart is so full of creation.

And, so, I created you as a blessing. Only you have forgotten who you are, and you have thought yourself something else, something less.

It is important that you begin to know your worth because without your sense of worth, you are diminished, and your love is squashed. That is how, when you love yourself more, you can give more love to others. You can unwrap your love, as it were, and swing it everywhere.

You may have thought of yourself as unworthy to give love. You may have thought you were intruding or stepping out of bounds. Indeed, when you give love, you are stepping out of the bounds that you have restricted yourself with.

You need no permission to love. You need no special set of circumstances. You need only to come to know your love and let it out. You can even let it out without knowing its vastness.

Today let out a tiny bit more love for yourself. Truly, you cannot wait for the world to send love to you. So send you love to the world. It needs it just as much as you.

Stop looking at what is wrong with the world and what is wrong with you. The same thing is wrong. There is an incomplete picture. And you have adhered to the incompleteness.

You have not believed there is more to you than the eye sees. You have not tried to fill in the blanks because you thought there wasn't any more to you or to life on earth. You have even thought there is only transparent life on earth. You have thought you were wasting your time here, this time that you are told does not exist.

But you exist. Know that you do, and that there is not only room for you but need for you. You are a requirement on earth.

Begin to know yourself as a gift, and then you will begin to see better and give a lot and receive a lot.

Give something today that you have never given before or given to a particular individual before or given a thought to. Yes, give a thought to something today that you never thought about before. Open up the lid of your mind, and let your heart expand in all directions in the love it was born to. Divulge your love, especially to yourself, and see what happens to the gifts I have placed upon earth.

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Dear Pitta, after reading

Dear Pitta,
after reading your post I felt like going to the Cosmic Heavenletter Generator.
Divine timing again ! I think you are God's gifts to us all !
... and I really needed to be cuddled by God this evening, so THANK YOU BELOVED FATHER FOR YOUR LOVING CARE !