Be More Content

God said:

Upon what does most of your thinking focus? Too much of yourself and what you have not achieved. Too much on yourself and on what you deem lacking. From that platform your thoughts go out to the world, and you see your fragmentation there.

Spend less time on your worries and woes. They are manufactured.

You think there are blank spaces and that you must fill them. Surely, you don't have to fill them with wider emptiness or plaint. Let them be unoccupied, but that is not empty. Fill them with a preview of Me.

Every moment is not to be full with what you call success. Every moment is to be what it is. You don't know the difference between failure and success. Those are man-made terms. They are not Mine. Eschew the concept.

In life, you are taking a walk. One step goes before the other. That is success, your walking. What your foot trods on at one particular moment is incidental. Do not make the incidental monumental.

Stop trying to achieve. Achieving is amassing, or trying to. You sometimes think that the worth of you is achievement of one kind or another. Achievement is not much. It is a passing fancy. Achievement is not the mark of your life. That which transpires or does not is non-indicative.

Do not set ungainly goals for yourself.

Set your vision high. Let the goals take care of themselves. Setting your vision high is not in terms of accomplishment. Accomplishment is a silly game you play. You score up points, or you do not. Do not keep score. Better to just live life as it comes, as you walk over the field.

The field may be filled with flowers and grass, or it may be rocky. But that is just the terrain you walk over. That is not you.

You are pure light who walks over the terrain. Do not equate yourself so much with the terrain. Equate yourself with the One you walk for, the One you walk toward, the One Who walks with you.

What is underfoot is not stable. It changes from moment to moment. But you are stable. The intrinsic you knows of nothing but greatness. That is why you so often feel dismay. You think that which you already are is unattainable, and so you flail your arms, and so you weep.

How can you attain what is already yours? You grasp for that which is already in your grasp. You make your life difficult because you are grasping. You try to be like the policeman who directs traffic. The policeman can wave his gloved hand, and traffic stops, or traffic goes. You can wave your hand stop or go, but life does not heed your demands.

Be more content. When your attention is less on yourself, you are more content. Call life to you, but do not order it around. Do not push it away. Do not make life accommodate you. Let it be what it is. It will be something else soon enough.

Your life is a book you are reading. One chapter ends, and another begins, and all is intertwined. It is your eyes that go over the pages. The pages come to life with your eyes. Your eyes read and your mind translates.

At one time a book pleases you. At another time the same book does not. Just keep turning the pages, and see what happens. What you think should happen does not have to.

That is how you frustrate yourself. You think the next page must contain what you say, but all it has to contain is what it is.

Be an objective reader of your life but not an objector.