You and God

God said:

No one on this planet contains more knowledge than you. I am not speaking of the world's knowledge. I am talking about the knowledge that surpasses all knowledge, for this knowledge is contained within each and every one of you equally.

If someone seems to have more than you, they may be expressing more, digging up more, reaching in deeper, pulling out more, daring more, but you have it all contained within you just as they do, just as much as they do. No one has more or less than you. You have no more nor less than anyone. You are a rich man, and all this time you didn't know.

Now I will tell you something more. I have told you that you hear Me in your heart. That is true. I am in your heart, and all that I am is immutably in your heart. Yet there is more to it than that.

I am locked in to your DNA as well. I am your Source, certainly, and I am also you. You are a conveyance for Me. You convey Me. I am carried in you.

You are made of light, and you are made of My light.

This awareness must give you great respect for yourself now that you know you are an embodiment of the God that is.

And so now, too, you must have great respect for everyone else in My creation as well. That includes the animate and inanimate. I will even say that, greater than respect, have great reverence for all the living things and all the things that you do not see presently as having life.

If you could come to earth full-grown, and you knew you had only five minutes to survey life on earth, you would be in total bliss and awe at the wonders it contains. You would consider yourself so lucky to see a butterfly and the flower it alights on. You would love every stone you see, and the light of the sky would fill your heart to breaking. And if, in your five minutes, you came across another human being, you would have to restrain yourself from bowing down because you would grasp the magnificence you were blessed to see before you. Oh, how you would look into the eyes of a privileged engager on earth, one who had more than the five minutes allotted to you. You would look into the light of their eyes, and your heart would swim there. You would spend your whole five minutes gladly there and not wish to leave.

But you have been given more than five minutes. You have been given your lifetime. Sometimes, only sometimes, the more you have been given, the less you value and the less you accept, and so you may seem to lack appreciation for the land of wonder you find yourself in and for yourself and the others who are deployed here.

The mountains and seas, who have been here long before you arrived this time, have no ennui or discontent. Each wave of the ocean has its full self behind it. The mountain never tires of its majesty nor of the majesty of all that surrounds it. It is content. It is more than content.

The animals enjoy every moment given to them. They lap the juice from it. They frolic on earth. And yet they are irrevocably entwined with Me and all of nature. They know what they have far better than you. They know their gifts — and yours — better than you.

Man, My greatest creation, seems to have the least appreciation for who he is and where he is. He chases after he knows not what.

And yet, this very discontent is a great resource on earth for you, for discontent stirs you to greater fields. You have the capacity to live daily life and see its beauty and the beauty that is within you and all those who seem like others to you, and, all the while, you can seek the beauty that goes beyond the apparent world. You can coexist in Heaven and on earth. The fact is: you do.

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Yo no se si las cartas

Yo no se si las cartas vienen de Dios, pero en las cartas si hay el Encanto, la Alegria, el Gozo, de Dios. Sean Uds, Bendecidos, por difundir, Tan Preciosos Mensajes. Gracias.

Translation to comment from Armando R. Bo

On August 23rd, 2011 Armando R. Bo (not verified) says:

I don't know if Heavenletters come from God, but they do have the charm, bliss and joy of God. Bless you for spreading such beautiful messages.

Thank you.

Beloved Armando, this is a

Beloved Armando, this is a beautiful honest statement you posted here. I thank you for it with all my heart.

God bless you. With love, Gloria

Armando, by the way, I just

Armando, by the way, I just noticed that you live in Massachusetts. Where in Massachusetts do you live? I was born in Massachusetts!

Its about my health

Dear God how i must to do to heal my body. I need you. I know for you jogging is impossible how can be. You are my Father and i AM your sun. We are The same. We are one.

I need you a lot and you know that. Let The people see you shine in my eyes, let The people see your smile in my face, The Your in The my mouth, let The people see your shine your strength in my body.

Nothing is impossible for My God and You are My God my Father. I love You. Please i need You.

With Love,
Artur Silva

Beloved Artur, I believe God

Beloved Artur, I believe God would say that there is a difference between needing God and being needy, does this make sense to you, dear one? God says that we already have Him/Her. We have everything!

God also says that our thoughts are powerful. This is one good reason why we want to elevate our thoughts and what we say, and, so, our Consciousness.

Be happy, dear friend. Know your Truth.

God in Heavenletters has also said that Christ healed because he saw the Light of the person he healed. He saw health and not illness.

Who is it who said: "Heal thyself."

Please keep in touch here, beautiful soul.