Will You Kindly Reveal the God in Your Heart

God said:

I am all for giving, you know that. I prompt you to give. I prompt you to be a giver. Yes, you give to another for the sake of the other, and, yet, you are the true beneficiary. You are the one who gains. All gain, yet you are the one who gains the most. This is the truth about giving.

It is good to give. Even better than giving is where your giving comes from. What I mean is that, in terms of money, the person who gives $5.00 may be giving more than a person who gives $5,000 or $5,000,000. The world will, of course, quite naturally, applaud the giver of the bigger figures, yet, in My book, the one who gives $5.00 may be the one who gives the most.

What matters is how much of yourself you give along with what you give. What matters is what the giving means to you.

This is not to worry over. You can only give as you can give. One of the greatest joys in life is the simple act of giving, to give without attachment, to give even without pride, to give with joy. Pride and joy are not exactly the same.

It matters how you give, beloveds. It matters the gift of your heart that accompanies the gift. It sounds very worldly when I say that it is your attitude that holds court in the simple act of giving in the arena of the world, giving without counting. Giving is not a numbers game.

It is natural to give. If your giving finds itself stilted, your heart has been damaged, and, now, you are undoing the damage. It is not natural to hold back in giving. It is not natural to stint. Beloveds, if you stint, your heart has been damaged. It has been beleaguered. The levee of your heart was hurt, and you added some cement to it, and now your heart, if not hardened, is stiffened. Or, if you are a baseball player, We would say that your right arm isn't working quite right, and so it takes effort to throw. The shoulder of your pitching arm was injured, and now you are having your comeback.

Giving is meant to be effortless.

Giving is not meant to be a strain. You are not meant to give more than you feel able to give. Open your heart in dribs and drabs then, and that is a beginning to the oiling of your heart.

Let Me give to you so that you may know the force of a giving heart. Have gratitude, and your heart will be well-oiled. The more gratitude you feel, the easier is your giving. Then you know you are giving back. Yes, let's make a slogan about giving. "Gratitude, not attitude."

Remove the dam from your heart, your beautiful heart.

A time will come when giving is your prime joy. No longer will there be a logjam in your heart. There will be a flow of love where the giving is easy. It will become harder to withhold love. To hold back would take great restraint, and you will have happily let go of the once reins tied to your heart. You will set your heart free. Oh, how happy your heart will be, free to feel its love, and free to let your heart ride without encumbrance.

Think of it, your heart free to ride! Giddyap, horsie. Giddyap, heart. Fly to Heaven, heart. Bring more God down to Earth. Reveal the God in your heart. Most of all, the God in your heart needs to be revealed to you.

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Dear Creator of Loving Hearts everywhere,

Yes, our hearts DO want to feel free to give and no longer do we wish to feel any logjam in our God created hearts of Love. YOU have
reminded us so many times that Your Divine Heart of Love created all men's hearts, and so today we choose to feel our hearts let go of the
reins that we may have allowed to feel tied to our hearts, which are not in our hearts best interests in their freedom and wholeness.

I love to give you me.

God loves to give you Gloria and the Heaven Letter gang. His word is a lamp to your feet and a light to your pathway.



my friend Crystaqueous wants to connect with you about his booklets of his God writings. can you tell him Misha found this way to connect to you?

Beloved MIsha, will you be

Beloved MIsha, will you be an angel and suggest to your friend that he post here? Will you do that, dear one? It's better that he takes the initiative himself, just as you have, to make a connection if he so desires. And what a good friend you are!
What would be his purpose in making himself known to Heavenletters?

Misha, I ask everyone to post and to read the guidelines, if you please. I've just last night returned to U.S. from a magical four-month visit to South Africa, and I have a lot to catch up with. Perhaps you have already subscribed!

God bless you. With love, Gloria

What matters is how much of

What matters is how much of yourself you give along with what you give.
What matters is what the giving means to you.

much love