Why the Concept of Cause Arose

God said:

The reason why you would like to identify a cause, or causes, is that you want a cure. If you can't have a cure, you want restitution. When you find supposed causes, cure is around the corner. With a cause, even if without a cure, you at least have someone or something to point a finger at.

It is not really that you want to point to a cause. It is that you want to point to a cure.

The concept of cause arose because you seek a cure for life, beloveds. You want life cured. You want life to be edited. You want life to be cured of all that you don't want. You personally want to live forever, but not like this. Not like this. Of course, you do live forever in other realms.

It is a fact that you see no justification for illness. You see that illness and disease should not be allowed nor can you allow that illness and disease come to the innocent and the perceived guilty alike. There is much that you see no cure for, and so you would like to affix blame.

It comes down to this, beloveds: It doesn't matter what occurs. It doesn't matter. Ill or not ill, dead or dying, it doesn't matter. It certainly doesn't matter in the end.

Of course, things matter to you. They matter to you very much. Yet nothing really matters. It is all going to disappear anyway. It is going to be gone from the face of the Earth. You spar at windmills.

Illness can be circumvented, and yet circumvention is neither the cause of the illness nor the cause of the recovery. There is no cause.

So long as you believe in cause, you believe in injustice. You cry out, "Unfair." It is clear that unfairness in the world exists. When the unfairness or injustice concerns you, you likely believe you are owed something, at the least an apology. It is not in your best interest, beloveds, to believe that you are owed something. It is not in your best interest to believe that something must be made up for, atoned for, even if only by an apology. It is better to go on in life with the past put behind you. To seek justice for a deed or neglect in the past, is living in the past. No matter how wrong something may have been, the best thing for you to do is to move on from it.

Wait not for apology, admission, correction, or anything at all. It is like, during a time, you were in brambles and you got mercilessly scratched. When you are in brambles, the thing to do is to get out of the brambles. Once out of the brambles, the thing to do is to wash up, perhaps put something soothing on your wounds, and then keep going. What do you have to gain by even silently proclaiming the offense of the brambles and recriminating the brambles for being the cause of continued suffering? Physically, you got out of the brambles some time ago. Now let go of them altogether.

How many times have I said to let go? To let go of the treasures, and to let go of treasures never received, and to let go of treasures stolen. The past is your brambles, beloveds, and you must step out of it. There is no percentage in staying there. You are not a victim. There is nothing worthy in being a victim.

Forgive yourself for any assault or disfavor done to you. And if you have offended, then forgive yourself as well. In either case, move on. Get onto another subject.

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Dear God

Dear God,
thank you so much for your patience and the priceless advice.
I Love you :)

The triple C: Cause, Cure, Control

Today, God decided that we did not understand enough of His yesterday's Letter. He is hammering the nail of Oneness in again in our resistive brain.
Indeed looking for a cause is looking for a cure which in turns is equivalent to attempting to recuperate our control over life. To seek a cause to everything and even to the Universe is looking for a cure for our ignorance which is only a temporary amnesia. Yet we cannot imagine living without controlling, v.g. controlling the cause or the cure.

What we so hardly accept, is our failure to control what we think we should have the legitimacy to control. Once more God says to let go our craving desire for control because it is destined to failure. We spend too much time on attempting to cure and to control and not enough on Being, because Being is the only control, the only cure and the only cause. How can there be a cause, a cure and a control in the Being of Oneness and the Oneness of Being?

We have to go back to our homework and remind ourselves: «Each day, a notch more...». That is the only way to achieve awareness.

God father

God father,

thank you very much your explanition,
about the coust, now i undestend very well,
oh yes i am vey belive that coust because i ven
expirince of hurtful of my life and am realize
it was not godt to my soul, so am deside to my self
to get out whith your help, and i thankfulnes to you
God father,

Easy as 1-2-3!!

"The reason why you would like to identify a cause, or causes, is that you want a cure...The concept of cause arose because you seek a cure for life..".

God, are you making fun of us??
The cause for the concept of causes was because...LOL!!

However...God has good news:

"Illness can be circumvented..."

1. "The best thing for you to do is to move on from it.. get out of the brambles." Movin' on UP??!!
2. "Once out of the brambles, the thing to do is to wash up, perhaps put something soothing on your wounds" Apply Love generously??!!
3. "...and then keep going...Get onto another subject." Oh Joy, MORE LOVE COMIN'...

I'll tune in...maybe tomorrow, Dear God?? Or even sooner...maybe I will use the HL Generator to drum up Joy:

Oh...h...h, perfect!!:

"When you are feeling happy, and you find life wonderful, there is little that can interrupt your happiness. You are simply too happy. You are feeling so good within yourself that just about anything else rolls away like water off your back. You will experience more and more that habits that may be annoying to you now just won’t have the power to disturb you. Soon you will be too integrated to let little things like that dissuade you from happiness.
All happiness is within you. All dissatisfaction is as well. It is important for you to know that the world does not have to change in order for you to be happy. The world is changing every minute as it is. You can change a little too.

... And now you are learning to love, and leave the unkindness of judgment behind."


I don't see any comments for

I don't see any comments for todays Heavenletter #3232.
I sent you a comment several hours ago.
Perhaps you decided not to publish it, which is ok. But I just want to check if there is a problem somewhere.


Normand Bourque

Dear Normand

Dear Normand, I wouldn't know a reason not to publish any of your comments. The thing is that (as announced under the link I will give you below) while Gloria is on her Godwriting tour in Europe, there is always the possibility of a delay in publishing "unverified" comments from people who have not registered and are not logged in. It's certainly inconvenient for them, but that will be over soon enough.


Time difference

Thanks Jochen.
The only reason I sent this last message is because the first comment (George's) appeared on my screen at 01:00 this morning which is Friday. ( I am "Down Under" in Western Australia and I had few "You're not connected to Internet" messages for HL site. I wondered if you ever received the comment I sent much earlier because there is no way (I think) to come back to the sent form (containing the message).

So I will follow your suggestion: register & log in, identify to be verified and surely keep a copy of my comments before sending them to HL.

Guten Nacht!

Dear Normand, I sometimes

Dear Normand, I sometimes try in my mind to follow the time wave around the world, and although technically it's not difficult at all, it's too abstract for my very concrete mind, and I soon have to give up. I mean, it's 9 a.m. on Thursday for me and you say it's already Friday for you!

So let us just try to ascertain whether a post of yours got lost or not. For the 24 hours of what I call Wednesday, I can see "About the sutra", "The triple C: Cause, Cure, Control" and "I don't see any comments for". Were there more?

Just to make sure: You know that on the "Community" page you have a complete list of all posts ever made on this web site, don't you?

Now, let me just see whether I can get this straight: You made your last comment on "Time difference" at 1:55 a.m. of my Thursday. Assuming that your lovely "Gute Nacht" means it was time for you to go to bed, probably on a Thursday night .... no, it doesn't make sense, can't be early morning for you now, right? Well whatever is next for you now, going to bed or getting up or having lunch, Good Next!

Time differences

Dear Jochen
I loved your answer and laughed a lot.

1- First of all, you obviously received everything I sent including "I don't see any comments".

2- If you are in München or Berlin, Perth is only 6 hours ahead. If you are in LA, Perth is 15 hours ahead. Right now it is 17h30 in Perth, 11h30 in Berlin and 02h30 in LA.

3- I sent the "Triple C" comment yesterday around 12h00 (Perth)/6h00 München), usually it is posted around 18h00 (Perth)/12h00 München). But Thursday evening, even around 21h00 I didn't find a single post from anyone (which is unusual but possible). That is why I decided to send the "I don't see any comments" because I did not know if there was a problem of connection with HL Web site. I went back to HL Web site around midnight and I saw the first posting from George (which is around 6 hours later than the usual postings). Then I went to bed and this morning, I saw the list of posts, including mine.

4-Since I registered this morning, this problem shouldn't exist anymore.

So have a good night in LA and a nice lunch in Bayern.

Cheers and thanks for everything.


Six hours ahead – hey, I

Six hours ahead – hey, I think that's simple enough for me to remember!


Gloria darling:

My brambles have the sweet entangling beauty of Heaven-letters that give substance and meaning to holding my darling as she sky rocketed to "never never Land".

Those deep and freeing words make today free of looking for "causes" and for this, I love you. My divine mirror on the wall of my consciousness says: "You're the fairest of them all." Lots of meaning in (them, there words.)


Great reminder Gloria! I'm

Great reminder Gloria! I'm making progress! Thank you! Sasha

1 Heavenletter Haiku for

1 Heavenletter Haiku for you

Hello Friends,

God said to forgive
And then move on Beloveds
And keep on going

Love, Light and Aloha!