Who Is the Speaker? Who Is the Hearer?

God said:

What is the topic of this Heavenletter today? Of all that I could be saying to you, what makes Me choose this topic today and that topic yesterday?

I want to tell you that it doesn’t matter. What matters is that We sit down together. We can even talk about the weather. We can talk about your day. We can talk about what makes you happy. We can talk about any number of things.

What does it matter what We talk about? What matters is that We talk. We engage. We interchange love. That’s what We’re doing. We’re doing it right now. How much does it matter what We say? It matters that We say. It matters that We look into each other’s eyes, and, perhaps, you, if I may say you, even though there is truly only One of Us, look into your own eyes.

As I speak, you are hearing Me, and you are also the Speaker, the Hearer, and the whole thing.

We are It, beloveds. We have a conversation that goes beyond the words spoken. We meld in Our talk. You like the sound of My Voice, and I like yours. We are like birds twittering in a tree.

Our speech is sound back and forth. Who is the Speaker, and Who is the Hearer? There is no line between.

Whether you read My Words or write them down your seeming self, it is the same. You speak, and you hear yourself. You hear your Self.

And what a Self you are. What a Self We ARE.

You create the Beauty of the Universe, and you create it still. What note do you wish to play?

The world imitates you. It calls back to you what you say to it. It calls back to you your tone of voice. “What’s happening?” you might ask, and the world answers back: “You are happening.”

The world says: “God, You are responsible for me, aren’t you?”

I realize that you may think I, God, am responsible for you. There is a commonality, and, yet, the world is at your pleasure and at your mercy. You are the one who twirls the baton.

It is overdone, it seems to Me, how My children like to make Me responsible for the way everything plays out. If life were a baseball game, I suppose you would call Me the Umpire, and, yet, am I the one throwing the ball?

Life is simpler than you think. A ball may bounce off the fence, but who threw it, beloveds? Who threw it?

Yes, of course, I can be everywhere all at once. I am Omnipresent, yet you are the Player, beloveds. It is your hand that throws the ball.

Am I making you responsible for everything? Yes, I am. I AM. I do not always run interference. My shoulders are broad. I do carry the world, and yet it doesn’t make sense for you to throw everything at Me. Do you think it does?

Can you really walk away from the world and say you have nothing to do with it?

Beloveds, even if you are watching the ballgame, you play a part. The audience plays a big part. You cheer, you boo, and so you uplift, or you put down.

Meanwhile, whatever you do, take Me by the hand and talk to Me. You are My ears to the ground. You are My Messenger. You report what I say, and you also report to Me and let Me know what’s going on. You depend on Me, and I depend on you.

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Yes God thank You

Wow GOD. You really said it this time. Yes even if something interupts our togetherness we still hold and I feel your closeness. Like shortly I walk Samson my little something of a mixure and I see your Paimtings in the morning sky, I see and talk to Us. Thamk you for everything you have given me and even if it does not seem to work I will still send love to the people that are fighting. Love will eventualy succeed. I Love You GOD see you for thre rest of theDay as I know You walk with me. Thank You . Love to all Jack