Who Is Responsible?

God said:

You might ask: “Is life a roulette wheel, God? Do You spin it, or do I?”
I could answer that We are One, so what is the difference? And this is a good argument I make. It’s time now to stop pointing the finger. There is no blame. On whom do you lay the responsibility for life or anything and everything?
Take life as a matter of course, and keep whistling a merry tune.
Manifold is the responsibility. In one sense We can say that everyone and everything is responsible, as are you responsible for everyone and everything, you as you are on every level of existence.
At the least, you co-exist. At the least, you watch what goes on. You tut-tut, or you walk away.
Guilt is outdated, beloveds. It is a waste of energy. Regret just lies around, not doing much good if any at all.
If you have left your trash to be picked up in the wrong place, no matter how innocently, when you realize you have, you move the trash. If you spill milk, you wipe it up. If someone else’s elbow spills the milk, still, you wipe it up. You are responsible for all aftermath. One way or another, you take responsibility.
You may object to this idea. You might say: “If an explosion goes off three thousand miles away, how am I responsible?”
The cadence of your thoughts, beloved. The armor from which your thoughts, speech, and deeds come. Listen, you could wipe out a whole town with your thoughts. You could also build a town with your thoughts. You are a proponent. On stage or off stage, you are a contributor. One way or another, you contribute, so you might as well tip the scales in love’s favor.
Unless you uplift the world, you are pulling it down. You may say you like to face facts, yet you, who call yourself practical and realistic, you may well have been skirting the issue. And you, you are part of the issue. You are a significant part of the issue.
People play chess long-distance. Wars are incepted long-distance. Shorten the distance. Distance is illusion.  
Beloveds, as has been said, there is no them. There is only Us.  There is no they, there is only We. There is no you. There is only I.
Analysis doesn’t do much. Analyze all you want, and still you are responsible to everyone for everything. This is not a new thought, although it may be a new realization for you.
No longer are you a bystander on Earth. There are no bystanders. So-called bystanders also pertain.
Your thoughts are powerful. Be careful about the power you wield. Better to be humble. Better to come from a blank slate. You are the one who writes on it. You are responsible for what you write. You are also responsible for what you don’t write.
Now let Me say this all differently. Above what you do is who you are. We know that your Being is what is called good and true. When you look out from a 40th floor window, you have a different view from when you see out from a garden apartment. Who is responsible for your perception? To see further, if you are required to climb, then climb.
Nevertheless, you who are on the top floor are also responsible to the people on the ground floor. The people on the ground floor are also responsible for the people on the top floor. Life is not a one-way street, beloveds. There are many avenues, and they interact and overlap.
Are you your brother’s keeper? Yes, you are. You invariably are, yet not in the way you may have thought, yet your brother is affected by your thoughts.

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"One way or another, you

"One way or another, you contribute, so you might as well tip the scales in love’s favor."

Thank you God for your Love Letters full of wisdom. Not easy to live but so much worth knowing it.

God bless us all!


Beloved Uta, loving is not

Beloved Uta, loving is not ALWAYS easy to live. Yet why is it so easy to feel animosity when we do? Instantly, without any urging, I can feel angry. Anger is easy, and it's costly. Loving only benefits. I ask myself, Uta, what stands in the way of our loving instantly?

Love know's You.

Yes!! so true, Tip the scales with Love,
for Rome was burned down in one day.

It takes work to train individuals to Love right.
But as soon as giving credit to the ego, yes it will
fall hard just in one day.
It is far better to tip the scales with Love..
Thankyou Uta.

your brother is affected by your thoughts.

Oh my Father, we see the lessons of selfish acts everyday on the News.Each one of us has fallen into this quagmire at some time or the other.

"Are you your brother’s keeper? Yes, you are.....Unless you uplift the world, you are pulling it down."

How are we to move to better perception?


"you might as well tip the scales in love’s favor."
How do we do this?
Literally go to our hearts, I think, and, feel the pulsing and send love to all, everytime you remember.
Love to every heart
Love to all Creation

Beloved Victor, I think we

Beloved Victor, I think we also have to keep our attention high on the positive. Let us give our attention on happy examples.

Thank you for your very clear caring for every heart and all of Creation.

God bless you.

the ground floor

God bless your heart Gloria.
I know I have ruffled some gander with my posting.Wasn't my intention,

Beloved Victor, it must seem

Beloved Victor, it must seem like that, yet it's not that you have ruffled anyone's feathers. Your intentions are high. You want only goodness and mercy and beautiful changes in the world. That's clear. I think the world of you.

As much as we can -- in life and in posting -- well, we want to give positive examples. Do any of us lack knowledge about tthe troubles in the world? Nobody that I know.

There are plenty of examples of beauty and goodness in the world. There always have been. More and more they are evident. God wants us to look for them. I believe He says that the new world is already here. My understanding is that God wants us to refect Him.

Victor, here are two recent blog entries that truthfully tell of something good happening:



With love, respect, and blessings,