Who is the Godwriter?

God said:

Beloved, rest assured, Godwriting is not a statement that your individuality puts together. Godwriting consists as a statement lightly pumped into you, the individual you appear to be. My Words slip out from you of themselves, and then you are dubbed as a Godwriter, a God-receiver, a God-blessing, as well as One Who blesses God Himself. What is a servant of God but a blessing? What is God but a servant?

To Godwrite, all you have to do is to lightly pick up a sense of My thoughts or utterances. Sometimes, My thoughts may also just burst out from you with nothing getting in the way, as if there is nothing in between My thoughts and your receiving them.

Bear in mind and in your heart that Godwriting is no big deal. When you wake up in the morning and hear birds singing, no one thinks you are amazing because you hear the birds’ singing. As I say this, it is as if I split Oneness into two. This isn’t to keep you down, not at all. It also keeps you receptive at the same time it keeps you simple and elegant and on the ready.

Naturally, understand that when thoughts of Mine occur to Me firsthand, I have no idea of setting Myself up on a pedestal.

By and large, the words that issue from Me may be insightful and new; My thoughts are simple and not dressed up. Neither do We pat ourselves on the back. We are glad. We love, We enjoy, We smile, We are thrilled, yet We don’t go wild with applause for Ourselves. We are simple. Godwriters don’t beat their chests as Tarzan might.

Oneness Godwrites. We are glad. We are humble, yet We do not overdo humility. We don’t make a production of it. We do not speak of false humility, nor do We speak of ego going out on the town.

Godwriting isn’t like when you buy a new car and anticipate hearing oohs and ahs by one and all. Nor are you stoic about your ease in Godwriting. With ease is the only way Godwriting is possible.There is no pompous Godwriting. I think you get My drift!

There are some fine points I would like to make here and there. Yes, you do honor to Me and the world when you Godwrite, yet you are merely taking dictation. Have all the joy from this simple process, yet don’t strut and sway as though you are the cat’s meow. You are a simple relayer of what you, in all innocence, hear. Nor do you become modest by decree. Don’t show off modesty any more than you show off Godwriting. For what merit would you show off Godwriting like a new pair of earrings?

Godwriting is a great gift you naturally avail yourself of. God is not reserved for only a few especially-viewed Beings. I savor the humble process of Godwriting for everyone.

Of course, Godwriting is a great gift. Be overjoyed. Beloved, allow Me to be proud of you. Be glad. Entry to Godriting is for all. Godwriting isn’t yours. You know that Godwriting doesn’t grant you extra special privileges. Godwriting itself is a special blessing.

We can look at Godwriting as something like having a baby. The mother and father welcome the baby. They are invited to be as happy as can be. Yes, be so very happy. At the same time, the parents recognize that the baby is a gift given to them. The baby comes through them. That is, you receive the baby through God. The baby is God’s child just as you are. Bless-ed are you. Bless-ed are We.

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Entry to Godwriting is for all.

God is not reserved for only a few especially-viewed Beings.

Of course, Godwriting is a great gift. Be overjoyed.

Beloved, allow Me to be proud of you.

Thank you Gloria, for sharing your gift with all of God's children! ❤️