Virtue or Folly?

God said:

Within you lie your own answers. All knowledge lies within you. Somewhere within your pocket lies a ticket stub. Reach into your pocket for it. When you see a-blur, you are not quite able to see what your choices are, your good choices, that is.

If you knew how, if only you could, you would reach in and turn on the lights.

Instead, you may see a wayward choice of putting up with what seems intolerable. You may feel cornered. If you do or you don’t, you may feel off-track. Either way, sometimes it seems to you that you have no honorable choice to take, no worthy choice at all.

Once you thought you were doing the right thing, that the right thing had appeared in front of you and you were blessed, and now you carry the haunting feeling that you got carried away and life snookered you.

At the time, you thought you made a well-thought-out choice – you had thought – now you are challenged and bamboozled over your head. Alack and alas.

At this moment, you see no way to reconstitute yourself. Surely, there has to be value in facing front and making a decision. You don’t say just any decision, yet you have moments when you think any decision has to be better than no decision. You would give a lot to know which turn in the road is better than another – if there is one better that exists.

Most likely there isn’t a choicy deserted island for you to run off to so you can escape all current pitfalls.

When you face your life squarely, you simply may not see an honorable choice that lies anywhere at all. Perhaps, since your life beginning in school, you have asked yourself more than once what Honest Abe would have done in your position. He was a man of character, and yet, as you understand it, there were times he had to compromise and must have done so without coming away feeling like a scalawag, however. Nor had he altogether created the situation he found himself in, as is more likely the case with you.

Now you turn to Me as a last chance and ask:

“Oh, God, what do I do? Tell me what turn in the road makes sense. Show me the way.”

Yes, now you see what you want to do is to get some answers and wipe out what seems like a desperate situation.

It is useless now to debate with yourself "why oh why" weren’t you more aware of making other choices before you got in this deep?

At the time, you were unaware that you were not looking carefully enough.

You would like to be frank with yourself. Was it only ego that entrapped you? Oh dear, had ego turned your head when you had thought you were fortunate and acting wisely?

Now you are not so sure.

Beloved, first of all – and above all – you aren't in a situation where you are to look at it as life or death. Life goes on. Sometimes life clears itself up, and yes, sometimes you have to take the bull by the horns. How do you best clear up this moil in your heart? As it is, you don’t see a happy ending.

As you begin to see, had you known better, you could perhaps have prevented this bind you are in now, but you didn’t. You jumped right in, thinking you were great. Now you may feel more like you were not taking care. You were not really thinking at all.

How you would now wish to have looked both ways before you crossed the street.