Where God's Will Lies

God said:

My beautiful children, what is there for Me to say to you today? We have spoken of your wondrousness and the wonders you are to perform. We have spoken of your past thinking and how We are upturning it. We have spoken about the past and its hold on you and your hold on it. We have spoken of love and We have exchanged love magnificent. We have counted blessings, and We have underscored the goodness of life. We have exchanged understanding.

And now your heart is quickened. Now you look Heavenward. Now you look for My Will in order to follow it. You have discovered that My Will is Love. You accept My Will but you are not so sure about your being capable of fulfilling it. You are not sure that you are what I attest that you are.

But I am sure. I am certain I know what you are made of. I made you. I have not forgotten what I made you of, and I cannot be mistaken. You will fulfill My desires. You are the fulfiller of My desires and so, you will fulfill them. Come, I draw you closer to Me now so that you may hear Me better.

All this time you have looked to Me to fulfill your desires. Now I tell you beyond a doubt that you are to fulfill Mine. You are learning My vision. As you see with My eyes, Our desires come closer together. Soon Our desires shall be One in name and in form.

You are meant to desire. Desire to your heart's content. Just do not hang on to the accruement. Of course, as you may suspect, I say that your desires are already fulfilled. All of them. The fulfillment just has not reached your conscious awareness as yet.

The moment you have a desire, it sprouts. The world is seeded with desires. It is as impossible for desires not to yield a harvest as it is for you not to grow.

But you are impatient. Because you believe in time and live by it, you think there is a distance between what you desire and what is before you. If time is an illusion, then how can there in truth be delay?

Consider that your desire comes after the fulfillment. Consider that when you awake to a desire, that is your signal that it has already manifested. I am challenging your ideas of cause and effect. What if there is only effect?

Certainly that is the case in the matter of that which you call self-realization. You are already realized. Your recognition has been missing. If you are a lamp, you are a lamp already lit. The switch your finger touches calls your attention to the light already on. Truth always was. Truth, always present, is as close to you as your awareness of it.

The truth of your desires is fulfillment. You have a great fortune. Only you have forgotten where you put it. The clues to your fortune are your desires.

I am a perfect example of this. You have called Me to you. You have prayed for My presence in your life. All the while I have been here. I am here. I am with you in this moment and all other moments. I am yours already. I am yours irrevocably. Eternally. Inescapably.

Where have you been? Where have your thoughts been? Wind your thoughts closer to Mine. Desire My Will, for it is already yours.