What You Have Wanted All Along

God said:

There is always an answer. You are not bereft of answers. You are bereft of acceptance of yourself. You accept too little. You pretend not to hear. You dissemble.

Now assemble before Me, for I call you to Me. Do not think I call another and not you. I call you. I have been calling you for a long time. You know that. But you have practiced avoidance with Me. For some unknown reason. For some reason unknown to you.

You pretend not to hear your Teacher. You fear you will be found lacking. But that is not possible. My heart feels wonderment at the moment of your hearing. My heart engages with yours, and I draw a sigh of completion. "My son has come."

It is such a little thing to step into My presence.

It is such a little thing to turn your face towards Mine.

What joy awaits Us. What joy is Ours. Let Our eyes meet in mutual joy, for that is Our existence. Joy is Our existence. Acknowledgement of Our Oneness is joy, joy unadorned, joy in its essential nature. That is your essential nature. Joy is the essence of you. This is what you do not accept.

On the contrary, you often see Human life as some kind of torture. But today you will see differently. You will see that joy is yours to receive, and joy is yours to give. You are a treasure chest of joy. You are an unopened treasure. I have given you all the keys, and now it is you who must open your true heart of love.

You abound in love. You may have hidden that fact from yourself. You may have talked yourself into believing otherwise. You never questioned your beliefs. You assumed they were true. For some peculiar reason, you liked to believe that you were not worth much. You preferred that belief to recognition of the truth of you.

Perhaps you did not want to be noticed. You wanted to skulk in a corner somewhere and be overlooked. At the same time as you wanted to be unnoticed, you bemoaned that you were.

To be seen, you must reveal yourself. First to yourself.

When you know Who you are, why on earth would you not reveal yourself? Only because you thought you were something else. All the energy you have put into enlarging yourself when all the while it was unnecessary, for you have been the real goods all along.

You have defamed My child. You have denigrated him. Perhaps you thought that was modesty. But now I tell you to be immodest. No longer be reserved. Do not put modesty over truth. Put truth over everything.

You are a beautiful testament to life. You are not a torn or muddied page. You are light that must only reveal itself, first to yourself. Once revealed to you, My light in you shines bright enough for all the world to infuse.

Yes, you must share yourself. You must share your bounty. And your bounty is My light escalating from you. Your bounty is My light cascading from you. Your bounty is My light given to you to display.

You are the announcer of truth. Each must announce it to himself. And then everyone hears. Everyone's eyes become alight with the light of Me in you. You have previously gone to great lengths to deny this light, but now you will fight no longer. You will accept the worthiness of yourself. You will accept it enough to give it.

It is so little that I ask you to do. You cannot refuse Me. What I ask of you is what you have wanted all along.