Singing God's Refrain

God said:

Sometimes you have to speak to Me of your love. Of course, you love to hear Me speak to you. You love the sound of My voice. You love the ripples of it. You love My love for you. As you receive My love, you want to express yours, and so sometimes you just have to sing to Me from your throat. My love exalts you, and so, in exaltation, you yearn to sing My refrain. It is more than echo. It is all of My love that you want to sing out to Me. You want to sing out:

"God, I receive Your love, and I want You to know I receive it. I want You to know My gratefulness for Your love. I want you to know that I swim in the abundance of Your love.

"Your love washes over Me. You have baptized Me with Your love. I come up refreshed and renewed with Your love. There is no other. All love is Yours. To think that You bestow Your beautiful love upon me leaves me in awe. Not in awe of You Who bestows so much love, but in awe of the love You bestow upon me — that You would be so plentiful in the love that You give to me. You waste none, and yet You bestow gallons upon me.

"I did not always know there could be so much love, and now I drown in Your love. I am submerged in Your love. I swoon in the oceans of love You bathe me in. I swim to You in Your love. You give me Your love because love emanates from You. You can only give it. And You give it to me.

"All I have ever known is Your love. I did not always know that I floated on Your love, but now I know. I know how high Your love raises me. I am high on Your love. There is no low to it.

"I do not rise and fall in Your love. I can only rise.

"You make me feel that I am Your bounty, as if I am a treasure floating in the waves of Your love, a treasure returning to You from where I came.

"I am from You, and I am to You.

"The song I sing is Yours. All I am is Yours. I am all Yours. I am for You, as You are for me.

"I did not know that I could sing. I did not know I had a voice. I find that my voice can only sing the pure tone of Your Name.

"I am blessed to sing of You to You.

"You are a lullaby that I sing to You. You are a lullaby of love, and I rock myself awake with Your song. I am catching onto the beat of You. It is inescapable.

"How You succeed in making me feel like a treasure, I do not know. But I do know that is what You want me to know. You want me to know that I am of value to You. Somehow I am of value to You, and that I am a treasure you hold.

"It must be that I am a sailor for You, dear God. It must be Your ship that I sail. These are Your waters I sail on, and I embark for You. As I sail, I realize that there is no to and fro. There is only to. There is only to You. You issued me to You. There is no gulf between Us. I cannot swim out of Your range. There is no away from You. There is only to You, and to You I hasten, for I hear Your song calling me to You. Thank You for Your song. Thank You for creating me to hear Your song sung to me. Thank You for the song You give me to sing as a sweet refrain of Your love."