Go Forward

God said:

When you immerse yourself with Me, you have stepped out of the past. You have to step out of the past because it does not exist. The past is old thoughts. The past was a concept you had. The past is not for you to accumulate. The past is for you to let go of. It is a fleeting thing.

Holding on to the past is holding on to a lesser picture of you. Even if you think the past was wonderful and the present is not so wonderful, you have selected pieces of the past to hold to you. Now select pieces of the present. Soon you will mourn its passing, and it will become the past that you hold on to. Let it touch you now. Let it reach the recesses of your heart.

Do not let the present escape from your awareness, for then you will run after it. You cannot run effectively where you have been. You cannot run fast in the same tracks. The tracks become ruts. Stay out of the ruts and blaze new trails. Break boundaries. Break the boundaries of the past.

You are a carrier of My light. My light is what you carry, not elongated recollections of the past.

Sometimes you hold up the past like war medals, like scars you like to show off. Why do you want to relive the past, and why do you want to imprint it on the minds of others? What are you showing off? Your prize victimhood? You do not need the past to make you worthy. You do not need the past to make you stand out. You do not need the weight of the past to know you are meaningful.

Your existence now is not dependent upon the past.

Exchange your past for the present. Let go of it.

Make a trade.

Enter new territory today.

You are a ground-breaker.

Do not go around in circles. The past is a circle. Get off it. End it.

It is your limited concept of yourself that you must step out of. I set you on earth as a hero of life. I set you down on your feet, not your haunches. Do not stay in the same place. It is you who stays there. No one makes you. Only yourself; you stay in a comfort zone of discomfort.

Make yourself noticed for joy, not trouble. Swing your attention from pain of the past to joy of the present. Or swing your attention from joy of the past to joy of the present.

Do not make a shrine of pain. The past is some kind of ache. It is a pillar of salt. Do not look back.

If you feel sorry for yourself, your attention is misplaced. Too much thinking about the past is too much thinking about yourself.

Get beyond yourself. Go higher. Scale the heights. Stop dredging the lows.

Perhaps you thought you were an orphan once, but now you know you are not Fatherless. The energy of love pursues you, but you must let it in. It cannot come in through the back door. It must come in through the front door. The front door is the present. Step to the front door, and open it. Open it wide. Step into a greater domain.

It is not that you bury the past. It is that you leave it. Leave it where it belongs. The past is something that happened to someone else in their thoughts, and now their thoughts move on. You are not your past. The past is not to be belabored. Do not keep giving birth to the past. Do not keep cracking the old shell. Break out from it at last. Leave it behind. Drop it off. You never needed it. You certainly don't need it now. You are not beholden to the past. The past can only hold you back.

Now go forward into My love. Come out of the shade. The sun enters. Enter the light of the sun.

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through the front door

So many dos and don'ts, "Stop this" and "Get out of that". Are they instructions to be acted on?
Today I feel I'm being told they are not. Are we to conquer ego? Or mind? The past? Who would be doing that?

What I hear today is that instructions are strictly human while God "only" makes suggestions. We insist and struggle, God nudges. We plan for the future, God whispers, Do not keep cracking the old shell. Break out from it at last. We object: "Hey, You ever heard of breaking out without proper hacking?" And His smiling reply is: "I have occasionally witnessed it, and I would love to see much more of it."

I believe that God's words, although timeless, eternal, are for this moment. If I hear them now while I'm reading, fine. If I don't, fine. Perhaps next time I will be ready. But there is nothing I have to do. In fact, there is nothing that can be done. And one day, in amazement, I will watch my hand reach for the front door knob and turn it.

It's ever only this, the present. Let it touch you now. "Sorry, God, I still don't know how to allow this." "Don't be sad, son, don't be mad, you will. It is Our will, and you know it is."