God said:

I am the story of your life. I am its structure. I am its development. I am your history. I am your Everything.

The same way as your life tells My story, or alludes to it, I write yours. Whatever I am doing, you are doing it with Me. Whatever I am seeing, you see with Me. Whatever I desire, you desire with Me. That is how you are, not the little description you make of yourself. You are beyond your acknowledged conception, but you are within the grandness of Mine. I Who conceived you conceived you great, and so that is your story. Greatness is your story. Only you have yet to read it.

Read My heart. Read My mind, and you will embrace My desire and My Will. You are My desire willed onto earth. I desired you on earth for more than its succor. I desired and willed you for earth's fulfillment. What is earth's fulfillment but Mine? What is Mine but Heaven?

Heaven on earth is not a figment of imagination. It is truth. Less than Heaven on earth is imaginary. And how well you imagine limits and deny the limitless. You think Heaven is out of your range, when, all the while, confinement does not exist. The entire universe is yours. There is no extent to it. It extends. The universe is infinite, and that means you are as well. No boundaries means no boundaries. There are no stops before you. There is nothing that prevents you from scaling the heights except a figment of your imagination.

That figment is called fear. That figment is called doubt. It is called disbelief.

It is beyond My imagination why you would want to disbelieve your greatness while you so willingly and openly embrace smallness — as if greatness were not yours to choose. When you have choice, why would you accept a small portion? And you have choice. You have limitless choice. You can choose Me. You can choose My vision. You can choose anything you desire. Dare to desire that which I have laid before you.

You have been hesitant to desire that which you truly desire, and so you have denied your truth. You have accepted dross for gold. You think dross is a sure thing and that gold is a long shot. I am telling you that gold is all there is. I offer you gold. I do not offer you dross.

Dip into the mines I give you. Yes, you have to mine them, but until you know they are there, you will wander off.

You are the gold mine of My heart. You are the gift of gold I have given you. I gave you yourself, made in My image, made of My truth, made of My love. Escape from boundaries you have made. Delve into the magnificence that you are.

You are molten gold. Keep moving. Keep flowing. Do not settle for a tiny incursion. You are an excursion. You exceed any limits because you have none. None. You are an expression of Me. Do you really believe that I am limited and that I create limited beings? All the means I have are at your disposal.

The universe is yours to make as you will. Make it as I will. Where there is war, give peace. Where there is infraction, give love. Where there are boundaries, run through them, for they are nothing but paper ribbon that your imagination pictures as metal chains.

You who are a messenger for Me are a runner. You run through ribbons and you run further than the eye can see, for you possess My eyes to see with, and My heart to beat with. Be courageous, not timid, for you are My greatness on earth. You do not have to be great. You are great, and through you, I perform great things.