Remember Bright Light

God said:

When you feel lusterless, you have forgotten to let your light shine.

Remember bright light, and you will feel it again.

When you feel down, your attention has been in the wrong place. It is that simple. When you feel depressed, you have depressed your heart.

I do not suggest that you think of those less fortunate than you in order to bolster yourself. You need no bolstering, and others don't need that kind of attention Your thoughts do not belong there.

Rather, think upon those whose light shines beyond themselves. Draw a breath and dare to let your light shine the same. Dare to incorporate the light I gave you into your life by giving it.

Be selfish in giving your light out. Be adamant. Enrapture your light. Give that which you seek. Go beyond attention to yourself. Release your attention from the details you carry with you. Stop carrying them. Stop reliving them.

Be a gift of love beyond your immediacy. Shine your God-given light across the lengths of the world.

Enter a larger scope.

Be a laser of love that goes out. Do not grasp for more light. Consolidate the light I gave you. Let it embark outward. It is not meant for you to use it on yourself to better see emptiness. It is meant for you to shine out and to show others the possibilities of themselves.

When you engage too much on yourself, what you want, what you think you don't have, you dead-end yourself and become caught in discontent.

Despair is an outgrowth of selfishness. Suffering of any kind is an excuse for your own self-centeredness, even when your suffering is for another. You are doing them no favor. The state of suffering is staying too close to yourself. Branch out.

Thinking big does not leave room for selfishness or suffering. You are for more than your own thoughts about yourself.

If you are at a loss of what to think about beyond yourself, then think of Me. Let your thoughts waver onto Me, and you will forget suffering. When you think of Me, think of My Sake. When you think of Me, you will remember once again the greatness of you.

Suffering is smallness. There is nothing noble about it.

You are not meant for smallness. That is why you feel unhappy when it grips you. But it does not grip you. You grip it. You not only grip it, you hold on to it as if suffering makes you mighty, but the act of suffering takes away your strength. It denies it. It denies your value. Do not take up suffering.

Study love. You cannot study it when it is stuck in your heart. You can only study it as it goes out. Accept that your heart is already filled with love that wants to go somewhere. Let it rise out of yourself. Watch it go. As it goes outward, it appears to you, and your heart is carried on the waves of love that ripple out like a stream of cloth shaken in the breeze.

Do not defend love centered on yourself. It goes nowhere. Love has to go out. By its very nature, it must expand itself. Your defenses are fences. Take them down. Suffering is a defense.

Your heart is made for bigger circles of love. Let your love go out like radio waves. Let your heart run free. Clamp it to yourself no longer. Free your heart.

You have tried to capture hearts. You have tried to capture the captureless.

Now release your heart. Let it escape the boundaries you have made for it. Your heart is not meant for boundaries. Your heart is meant for freedom. Let it free to roam the earth and give deliverance. Abandon suffering. Give your heart to the universe.