What Miracles Would You Like?

God said:

I have a series of happy events ready to hand out to you. These what I will call events are just at the brim and will fall to you shortly. There is nothing you have to do to get ready but to get your hearts and eyes open. I am talking to everyone when I say this. I am not stockpiling all the treasures that are going to befall you. They are just about complete and ready to come off the production line. Spread your aprons wide so that you catch these delightful gifts from Heaven as they pour down upon you.

You are going to see miracles of diverse kinds and sizes. These miracles will burst through any boundaries that you have been holding on to. These miracles will burst through, and your heart will burst wide open. You will begin to really know what magnanimous love there is in your heart, and you will really begin to know what to do with it.

This is a great step for you, for you are on the brink of Greatness. This is what We have been waiting for. Your hearts are open enough now so that these blessings can fall into your aprons and your hearts.

There is not a thing on Earth that is not a miracle. Perhaps you have guessed that by now. The miracles that are fast on their way to you have the bling you have so desired to see. These are sparkling miracles. These are miracles that will make you laugh and smile and forget anything but the miracleness of life, and you will be glad. You will be so glad I can hardly wait.

You may be thrown off course, or you may find that you have been on the right course all along. Regardless, great possibilities are going to appear before you. You will have some choices to make, but you will like these choices. It will be like choosing between chocolate truffles and chocolate-covered cherries. What I mean to say is that it will be for you like choosing between two favorites. It will be like your having to choose between two pairs of new shoes — which exquisite pair will you wear?

It will be like choosing between two vacations spots, both of which you adore.

Or it may be a choice of choosing between two destinations, neither of which you have traveled before. What do you care anyway? You will simply have delightful choices to make, and you can't go wrong.

What miracles do you want? What is so delicious and marvelous that you desire it mightily? What would make you very very happy? Feel these great joys rushing to you. There will be much more. Nevertheless, think of the ones your limited imagination can think of now. This will be a good use of your time.

O beloveds, get your hearts stirring with the joy that is going to be added unto you!

Certainly, keep guessing what I could be talking about. What real live miracles would you like to see? Imagine and imagine, and your guesses will not even approach the dimension of the blessings I am going to pour down upon you. What can these blessings be? And how can they be?

They can be like a welcome rainfall in a desert where you have your hands cupped to catch the rain and drink and drink.

These miracles can be because the world is opening up like a flower, opening and opening to such a fullness that all the sunshine can come in and reach everywhere, reach to where sunshine has never reached before. Who will not be happy to see such happiness?

The time is coming when nothing can make you unhappy, when everything can only make you happy. How do you feel about this?

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The Bling

In several dreams over the last months I was given what must have been previews of this. I feel I begin to understand what those miracles are going to be. They will be a new kind of experiencing, unbiased by past experience and stale old thinking, they will be a seeing and a touching as new as it is for a little child, they will be like first love or like those deeply wondrous moments of melting boundaries when after a long drought a new love begins, or an old love begins anew, and you look on almost unbelieving, "Gosh, it's really happening..." Every moment, every speck of creation will be of breathtaking, sparkling newness and adventure.

You can hardly wait? That sounds funny, You know. Lovely.

My "limited imagination" can think of very much, dear God. And your picture of rainfall in the desert captures it nicely. I immediately went there when I first read the words. I felt it as deeply nourishing beyond the quenching of thirst. A roaring downpour in the middle of the desert, that's where Home is.

What would make you very very happy?

I got a glimpse of what is to come from our Cosmic Heavenletter Generator. Leaving clock time behind - that's certainly a big part of what would make me happy:


All solar systems and

All solar systems and universes move in cycles. For a long time man has looked at life as a linear process. Life is cyclic. The life God describes in this Heavenletter is a breath of the freshest mountain air. Ancient scriptures speak of the cyclic nature of our solar system. Presently we are in an ascending cycle which peaks in an age of enlightenment for all. In this age man's collective awareness rises. A large part of our global population begin to discern the finer more subtle aspects of existence.

This is a time of miracles. Our hearts are blossoming.

Reply to precious Heaven Admin.

You have expressed part of the mystery of LIFE.
You say what I can only think and read while riding what seems to be a sort of stationary cycle Oh the joy to see it the way you write..
What you say deserves the deepest thanks. So.....THANKS!

WOW !!! WOW !!! WOW !!!

WOW !!! WOW !!! WOW !!! What else can one say ?

i remember a song line that

i remember a song line that went: "we can use a little good news today . . . " -- and we can . . . and a miracle or two . . .or three . . .or more . . . sure would be "a little good news today" . . . "with God all things are possible" . . ."nothing is impossible with God" . . . "with God everything is possible" . . .so the written scriptures tell us Jesus spoke . . . and so we wait for . . .and expect . . . "our little good news today" - our miracle.

What Miracles would you like

Yipppeeeeeeee ! ! ! !

The miracle of HIS presence

Each breath is a MIRACLE of life.
To feel HIM in each breath takes my breath away.
To know my Source to be HIM is the real MIRACLE of HIM breathing me.
Reading your letter of love brings the true happiness of being forever.
You have made life the MIRACLE of HIS melody of existence.
I thank you with every breath.
George, breathing heavily

1 Heavenletter Haiku for

1 Heavenletter Haiku for you

Hello Friends,

God said smile and laugh
Imagine and imagine
Miracles of joy

Love, Light and Aloha!

I would love to never feel

I would love to never feel anger again. I would love to see it disappear from everyone's heart and from the face of the Earth forever.