joyful anticipation

A Gift from God with Your Name on It

God said:

What will you make of today? What will you do with it? Consider life today your oven. What will you bake in it today?

Today does come to you, and it brings what it brings with it. It may well bring surprises for you. The day is innocent. It is not responsible for what it brings, for the day is an innocent carrier. What do you bring to the day, beloveds? As the receiver of the day, do you not have some say as to how you walk through it? Whatever the day today carries, you carry it as well. It is up to you how you greet the day and what you make of it. You can make of it what you will.

The Worry Chair

God said:

Are you perhaps in the habit of agonizing over something or anything? If it is not one thing, it is another. If this is the case, substitute another habit. Take up the habit of knowing that wonder upon wonder is on its way to you. Get in the habit of knowing that wonders beyond wonders are already on their way to you. Take My word for it. You are being blessed this very moment, and more blessings are racing to you. Lickety-split, the blessings rush to you. Hold up your hand so that the blessings upon blessings can find you easily.

What Miracles Would You Like?

God said:

I have a series of happy events ready to hand out to you. These what I will call events are just at the brim and will fall to you shortly. There is nothing you have to do to get ready but to get your hearts and eyes open. I am talking to everyone when I say this. I am not stockpiling all the treasures that are going to befall you. They are just about complete and ready to come off the production line. Spread your aprons wide so that you catch these delightful gifts from Heaven as they pour down upon you.

Whistle a Different Tune

God said:

Expect joy. You have had enough of expecting gloom. The attention you put on warding off untoward events is extraordinary. Sometimes it seems that your guiding star is catastrophe. Often you act as if you are down to the wire when you are in actuality flying high.

Consider all the energy you put into worry. You say you are being realistic. I say you are frittering life away when you worry. Worry doesn't buffer life. It avoids life. It is its own little frenzy. There is no point to it, beloveds. What does worry do that joy can't do better?

Great Blessings

God said:

You would be surprised with all I have up My sleeve for you. You will be surprised. Bounteous gifts are flowing to you like rafts in a river. Be ready. Have your arms out ready to catch.

Gifts are going to reach you the way checked-on luggage revolves at the airport. Be ready to grab fast. This is not a one-time chance. Your good fortune will come around again. It's all ready for you. But why not clasp it the first time around? And then you are on your way.

God's Joy

God said:

Sometimes you feel stalemated with life, as if you go nowhere in it, as if there is nowhere for you to go, as if there is not more joy available to you, as if you have had your share, and now there is no more and you are on a sea of unchanging listlessness.

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