What If You Can Truly Love?

God said:

Once upon a time, you thought you knew the answers to everything, and now you're not so sure. Welcome this uncertainty. It lets you know there's life in you yet. It lets you know you are making progress. Certainty may seem like progress to you, but certainty is more like an inn that you stay in for the night. Uncertainty, on the other hand, is your setting out on your journey. Uncertainty takes you places whereas certainty is a stopping-off place.

Certainly, there are aspects of life that you can be certain about. You can be sure there is more to life than meets the eye. You can be sure that there is more to you than you have given credence to. You can be sure that everyone you know, no matter how well, is greater than you presently see. The world is greater than you know.

Greatness abounds. If only you knew how much! If only you knew how great you are. You are actually splendid, yet that may be the last thing you think you are or that you think anyone else you know is either. You can exaggerate some things, beloveds, but you cannot exaggerate the wealth of Being that you are. After all, you are My Wealth of Being. You are expanded Being, and there is no limit on how far you can expand in every direction. There is no limit how high. Where do you set your sights, beloveds?

There is no limit to Heaven. There is no limit to you. There is nothing too high for you. There is too low for you. But never mind that. Just lift your feet, one after the other. See where you can take yourself. See where you can take Me!

What would you like to show Me? Show Me.

Where would you like to go with Me? Let's do it. Take Me with you.

What do you want most in the world? Get it. Get it for Me. Have Me in mind. Imagine what I would like most of all.

For a moment, you may think you want all the money that a bank has. You may think you want a possession of one kind or another. But would you offer Me that? Would you offer Me money or a new car or a new house or a new mate?

I know you would love to meet your soul mate. In one sense, beloveds, I am your soul mate. You are certainly Mine.

Now We are getting closer to what you might like to offer Me. I think it is love you would like to offer Me. And so I ask you to give your love as much as you can. You can be sure your love will reach Me, and I will welcome it.

You have been seeking your true love, and all the while I have been right with you.

Perhaps your soul mate on Earth would be an intermediary. You would give him or her so much love that it would spill over to the world. Yes, what you really want, beloveds, is your love expressed and your love delivered. I am certain of this.

When you seek your soul mate, you are really seeking to open the love in your heart. You want to peel back whatever has covered the burgeoning love in your heart. What if you truly can love? What if you truly have all My love within you? What soul would not want it?

Perhaps you have already met your soul mate, and you haven't seen through his or her disguise. I don't say this is so. I say it's a possibility. Perhaps you can give love to everyone. Anyone could be your soul mate. Everyone could be your soul mate. In any case, pour love upon yourself, and I will receive it too and send it back to you.

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your site cheers me to no end! thank u

We're sure happy to have you

We're sure happy to have you here, dear Jennie!

"I am your soul mate. You

"I am your soul mate. You are certainly Mine"

"You have been seeking your true love, and all the while I have been right with you"

Thank you Gloria for reminding us that we are always accompanied by our true love.

What If You Can Truly Love?

My name is Julia/Lalita, i'm from Russia.
It's very beautiful website, he's bringing everyone of us to Oneness and to God. All is Love and All is Divine! Love is All Around just as God in us and around us!He loves us and bringing happiness to us in our daily life.
Feel lovem celebrate love and become love...You are LOVE! I love you and I am always with you!We are ONE!
So many blessings to everyone of you,
Julia/RussiaI love you

All these beautiful messages

All these beautiful messages amplify the light here in Heaven!

Yes! Sometimes it's hard to

Yes! Sometimes it's hard to know which words are Heavenletters, and which words are from Heavereaders.

I am going to post a few words from Nancy in England. Do you remember she is the beautiful physician who has had a recurring bout with cancer. This is Nancy who keeps her spirits high:

"Oh my goodness , I always knew you were an angel but you have been especially sent to me today. I have been very unwell in hospital over chrismas with flu and a chest infection , I am recovereing but still extremely weak . I have been reading Heavenletters which are instrumental in sustaining me but I have been very low in spirits and energy and havent had the energy to reply as usual .

"I had an amusing visit fom a chaplain whilst in hospital who seemed to try and convince me it was difficult to have faith but maybe it was a tactic! She started by asking if I had lost my faith since becoming ill, no I said I have only found faith since being ill. You see what I have been tryig to do is let go of this illness and let God I said . Yes she said but that is VERY HARD . It may be I said but people do it and then they get well. Yes but that is very hard she said again .Not the most helpful spiritual counsel I have received ! Thank goodness and God for heavenletters!

So in summary, I suppose I havent posted because I have been struggling but I will get there again. I have missed George's posts too. I have also missed the communication and love and support.
Wishing you a wonderful new year
with love and blessings and overwhelmed by God's love

Nancy in England

Darling Gloria gave us your precious words about your playful time in the hospital with the flue and a chest infection.

The visit from the well meaning Chaplain was described in a way that we Heaven Letter readers could laugh while tears marked our cheeks in love's stern story. Very Hard, very hard is what the last contraction requires when BIRTH is just around life's corner.

You helped us awaken, sweet one, to the wonders of Knowing. Thanks more than I can express.

George feels like he's knowing you

helpful spiritual counsel

So good to hear from you again, Nancy. I so hope to see you well and in good spirits again soon. Looking forward to more of your beautiful posts on this forum. I can imagine that the spiritual counsel you got wasn't as funny when you got it as it now sounds in your description. But I bet it did boost your determination or longing to let God more and more completely every day. That is what we are here for. Nothing else.

Loving your spirit and you,


What a beautiful name!

Do you know that my parents came from Russia?

What love you are!

Please tell us more!

P.S. I posted this under your comment, Julia, but this appeared in a different place.

Darling Gloria

Thank you Beloved! You're have a beautiful heart and spirit!I can feel your love and your sweet presence!
Yes, Everyone of us became relative. we are ONE Spiritual Family!
When I was a little girl, I had very terrible problem in my health ( It's bronchial asthma ), a doctors could not to help me with anything and they're have told that I will died soon.But I believing in ONE God and in that I will healed soon. Then I have met Dan Brule Master of Breathwork/Rebirthing from USA and throught Tehnique of Conchious Breathing I have healed.Now I'm alive and healthy. I am happy that my mother and me also can helping to others to be healthy and happy with helping breathwork! It's God's Favor and Compassion to everyone of us. God Loves us and He's always with us!
All is Sweet and Divine Love! Love is chance to the World! I love you and you're always in my heart!
So many blessings and love to you,

Lalita, is a beautiful name

I too would like to know more from you sweet Julia/Lalita.

My brother in law came from Russia to help us in WW II. He's wonderful but quite old now.

Be loved sweet One.

George smiling even more

Darling George.

Lalita is my spiritual name his gave me Babaji Nagaraj. I was born and living here in Russia but I love all countries and peoples in the world. We are ONE and We're don't separated each from others!
Thank you for your love and light!I can feel it. You're LOVE, a pure Love!I love you! All is Prema-Divine Love!
Here is my e-mail address,you're can write to me also there [dot] om_shanti_om [at] list [dot] ru
All my love to you and to the everyone in the Universe,

It's really wonderful to

It's really wonderful to keep this site alive with your beautiful comments, dear Lalita! We would love you to share yourself here with all of us.

We're so happy that you love Heavenletters, dear one.

Darling Babaji Nagaraj

Sweetheart I thought my brother-in-law's name "LAGODITCH" was hard to pronounce and was surprised when he kissed me on the lips. Of course my sister was there and she thought it was cute. Since then he just hugs me. That kiss was 63 years ago. My sister probably told him that in America men don't kiss.
Your note blessed me greatly Honey. I join with Gloria in asking your to contribute to us by this forum. I love you

George rolling "Babaji" on his tongue. How do you say it?

What if I CAN Truly Love?

Today, this letter is opening my heart to the realization that uncertainty is the gateway
to greater and even Divine understanding. Certainty is a stopping place.
Uncertainty is an attitude that lets my imagination, my being, my heart and soul go free!

I LOVE KNOWING that the world is so much greater than I know or have known!!!
And I love the knowing that everyone I know, no matter how well I think I know them,
is so very much greater than I know !!! Today I am determing to truly grasp the entirety
of this extraordinary Relity. Thank you, God, Goddess Self, for a new blazing
awareness of all Your Truth within me.

Knowing is growing

Whoever wrote this needs to know that they touched the very center of Light!

They smelled of a fragrance you can't even describe. WOW, such insight!

All I can say is THANKS, THANKS, THANKS.

George enjoying a new blazing awareness of His Truth

"Perhaps you have already met your soul mate..."

This darling writer poked her finger in my eye and made me cry.

The cry was but a crooked imitation of the glory of knowing that I met my soul mate in this screwy imitation life.
So she left for a trip to the Grand heavenly Canyon. I can wait, Love's that way.

Once you learn that love's not an emotion; not really, it's a way of knowing where the other's going.
But remember that emotion without motion, is just like Faith without works.
It sort of like a clock without works; it's right only twice a day, and you don't know which.

That which I do know is that I'm certain that I'm uncertain, which is the Joke He always plays.
"Your My soul mate" He shouts and ducks behind a cloud in my stormy mind.

I don't mind when He tells me that He's my soul mate through the darling hands of His very
Special typist in Heaven Letters. That's such a boost, and a hoot at the same time.

George never tires of waiting

3 Heavenletter Haikus for

3 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said Beloveds
Truly you have all My love
To give everyone

God said let's do it
There is no limit to you
See where you take Me

God said in One sense
You are My Wealth of Being
Greater than you know

Love, Light and Aloha!


Yes...I met a lovely man....I am so happy...and then.......in comes the doubts....the fear...the uncertainctcy...Am I good enough for him? Am I doing the right thing? Can he give me what I need? But why do I need all the reasurence? Why am I uncertain....there is no need...and yet...it happens to me again...Oh I feel so ashamed...have I not yet learned enough how to love myself the way I am...to accept myself...not to be demanding confidence to other people?

And yet I am so scarred to loose him I have put on this claim to him...oh boy....
How complicated I am making it..Let I deal with our father..our soulmate....

He loves us the way we should love ourselfes and others....
Let me set my mind to that kind of abondance..there is nothing to fear....

Love..angel Iris

Iris.....Thsi is taken from

Iris.....Thsi is taken from "Messages from your angels" Regarding what we are looking for in relationships. ENJOY !!!


Beloved Iris, I relate! Even

Beloved Iris, I relate! Even in less significant situations as well. They like me today, but will they tomorrow? Will I still like them tomorrow? People do come and go, and some stay, and we stay. I do not know how someone would not stay in love with you, dear Iris.

Thank You

Hello All,

I just wanted to say I love you and THANK YOU for your work. The letters that I recieve through my email, are the first thing I read in the morning and they make my day. No matter what frame of mind I start the day, after reading the letters I experience a sense of balance and well being which spreads from me to the people around me.

Love and Peace


Hello All,

Lisa, you make my heart humm!

George, humm