The Depths of the Ocean

God said:

In this script of life that We co-author, We leave a lot out. We leave a lot out so there are lines to read between, so that you have lines to read between. We leave a lot to your imagination. We leave spaces for you to jump over. We leave Silence to have its say.

Your script has deliberate blanks in it. As you progress further, you are better able to read the blanks. You go into the depths of what is not written but yet can be understood. You read the underlying theme. The blanks play a supreme role. They are your balance point.

You are like a deep-sea diver. The treasure chests lie at the bottom of the ocean. There may be even swill at the top of the ocean, yet underneath lies all that you seek. You cannot always tell from the surface what treasures lie beneath. Most of the time, you can't.

In life, be a deep-sea diver. Do not get totally swept up in the waves, not even in the tallest mightiest waves. Float on your back a while and enjoy, and know that it is the depths of the ocean that buoy you, make it possible for you to float, make it possible for you to lie on your back and look up at the sky above. The surface of the ocean is your entry point into the depths. It is your first step. It is a remarkable first step, and yet you can't stay only on that step. There are other steps to traverse.

The surface of the ocean is wonderful, yet it is only the surface. It is your diving board, yet the depth of the ocean gives the diving board its reason to be. Floating, diving, are all wonderful pursuits, yet they would be nothing without the depths of the ocean beneath that supports them.

There are layers of the ocean for you to swim in. Explore. Take advantage of the depths.

Of course, you can't just stay in the bottom of the ocean. You have to come up for air. At the same time, you cannot stay solely on the rippling waves, for then you begin to feel listless. Enjoy the waves and explore the ocean deep in order to find yourself. You realize, of course, that you are the treasure you seek. You are the ultimate treasure.

Only a shadow of you exists on the surface waves. The real you lies beneath. The real you is no shadow.

You may like to think you are grounded in the waves, yet your foundation is the floor of the ocean. You walk on water, yet your fingertips touch the ocean bottom. You dive headfirst. Your feet trail.

Somersault into the ocean, if you like. Descending into the depths is like flying to Heaven. Before you can exhale, you have to inhale. Before you rise to the Highest Heaven, you dive. The first step of flying is to let go. When you let go, you let go of the surface, and so you reach the depths, and so you rise. With each dive, you rise higher.

You breathe in deeply, and you breathe out lightly from the top of your lungs. Your breathing is a microcosm of life on Earth. Go deep, rise high.

And so We come back once again to the necessity of letting go. There isn't much for you to do beyond letting go. When you let go, all the obstacles come toppling down. You rise on the Depths of the Ocean, beloveds. See you here.

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Being a good buoy...

I think so too. I think being a good buoy means not just clinging to life, but diving from the surface thrashing waves of life. The depths provide so much safety...and serenity...and love. In the depths...where one lives in one's heart, there is no regreting about the past...and no fear of the future. Just the softness of the strong currents beneath...currents that guide...that stay the course.

Loving and blessing. Jim and Jimi.

"being a good buoy "

Only Jim could get away with this kind of surfing the deep things of this Heaven Letter.
Everything you write takes us deeper and we don't have to hold our breath.

George Soning himself

"The real you lies beneath. "

"You breathe in deeply" This, you have to try to know what happens in the life ocean. This Beloved writer takes us into a very special place. I hope the readers take her invitation to enjoy the ocean she's talking about and the breathing she promotes. She know the WAY. I love her

George holding his breath, not really

The depths...

Marie Zenack

I had to go out of town today and just returned and read this. Somehow it hits home. Letting go and enjoying going deep.

Thanks, Marie

1 Heavenletter Haiku for

1 Heavenletter Haiku for you

Hello Friends,

God said find yourself
You are the treasure you seek
To enjoy and know

Love, Light and Aloha!

And so We come back once

And so We come back once again to the necessity of letting go. There isn't much for you to do beyond letting go. When you let go, all the obstacles come toppling down.