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What I posted to Oprah and link for you to post

Link for you to request that Gloria appear on Oprah:

In 2004, I was initiated into an ancient tradition of yoga and thereafter started to read spiritual writings. I found most writings were somewhat instructional and disciplined, which I did appreciate, however my heart was looking for something that was alive, bright, uplifting and original. My heart wanted to party and my mind wanted to relax!

Somehow, I happened by a Heavenletter. I was blown away! The poetic and familiar nature of the writing conveyed powerful truth and yet it was playful and light. Over the years I watched Heavenletters grow and they are now read in 22 languages by thousands of people worldwide.

Gloria Wendroff is the steward of the International Godwriting Society of Heaven whose purpose is to ensure that Heavenletters are always available and free. Gloria is the cherry on top. She is a delight to be around and listen to. Her personal writing is like taking a walk with your best friend (Gloria's blog Gloria's heart and mind are firmly fixed on God. Her devotion is infectious! Gloria brings sincerity and a sweet kind of innocence to her work. Gloria has without fail continued to write a Heavenletter every day (sometimes two!) for over 10 years.

God and Gloria came up with the idea of Godwriting. Godwriting is where anyone listens to what God has to say personally to them and related to their lives, then writing down what is heared. Gloria facilitates Godwriting workshops all over the world, from Romania to Germany to Italy and Turkey et. al.

Gloria soon to be traveling to Argentina for a 6 month long road trip in a bio-diesel and solar powered motor home, will be stopping at sustainable intentional communities through the U.S and Latin America, where she will facilitate Godwriting workshops. Gloria and Miss Oprah Winfrey would have a wonderful time together and the show would be something completely different, beautiful, enlivening and refreshing. They would be like fresh, cool watermelon to a thirsty hot traveler.

Oh, Senor, you sure know how

Oh, Senor, you sure know how to write! You've got me excited about this show and wanting to watch it!

Muchas gracias.


But you made a promise to be in Fairfield till I come!!... rememeber?... **smile**.

Angel Oldooz, you monkey, I

Angel Oldooz, you monkey, I believe I said I'd try! (Oh, I hope you know that monkey is a term of endearment.)

But, anyway, if somehow I leave Fairfield before you arrive, then you simply will have to come to Argentina to visit. Maybe one day God will give us the means to bring all translator angels to Capilla del Monte or somewhere where we can have a wonderful time. That is one of my dreams. God would say, Why not?

**smile** ... I looked up

**smile** ... I looked up that word. I liked it.

I do love to come to Capilla del Monte. We will see how things will go on. Your heart seems to fly to Argentina. Nothing can stop it.

Lots of love to you and Santhan and everybody else.

Heaven Admin, you are a

Heaven Admin,

you are a magician !! I love every single word !!!! and I will go to the link you indicated ....thank you so very very very much !!
much love