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Gloria's Blessing To Love and Oneness for ME!!

I was so inspired when I checked my email today to receive so many inspiring and uplifting emails from fellow Heaven Letters readers!

Gloria featured me in the latest Heaven News letter on September 4th, 2011: You can see it here:

And Gloria wrote:

Stasha, yes, please post Heavenletters™, and yes, make a Heaven song video. Wow, your videos are soooo professional! Yes, that would be great to make a Heaven song.

I would LOVE to see a video and song of Heavenletters™!!! This may surprise you -- I would love a fast-paced Heavenletter song, not what everyone would expect a Heaven song to be -- something wild and wonderful and creative - yet respectful! Is that a tall order? Stasha, please know that you are free to make what feels good to your heart. And it will be fun to see what words from Heavenletters™ you choose! Many many thanks. Gloria"

I am currently working on choosing the RIGHT Heaven Letter for me to turn into a beautiful song. I will continue to spread the love and creative light
Thank you, Gloria, a true blessing and someone I am blessed to call a FRIEND!

Blessings and love to all of you!!
Stasha Colin
P.s. here is a picture of my daughter, August and I!

Berit, Stasha's photo didn't

Berit, Stasha's photo didn't appear.

Would you kindly post how to do it? I know you do it so effortlessly.

Thank you, dear angel.

The long awaited photo ....sorry for the delay !!

Beloved Berit, I still don't

Beloved Berit, I still don't see the photo, angel.

Beloved Gloria,I see the

Beloved Gloria,

I see the photo all right. do not know why ... maybe Santhan or some magician with computers can help us out, I really wouldn't know what to do.