What Else Is There to Be

God said:

You make too much of some things, and not enough of others, yet someday soon, you will find the balance that you have so desired. Then everything will be even. The ups and downs will not be so up or down. You will be at a state of relaxation. Enough of tension. Tension makes you tense. It makes you taut. You become a tensile wire instead of a melting heart.

Without the bursting tension you hold so dramatically, you would clearly know what is important and what is not so important or important at all. Important is love. Important is that you are relaxed enough to love simply for the love of it. Nothing has to happen. Love can just be, and you can just be. You don’t need to be love served on a silver platter nor do you have to demand love to be a certain way. As relaxed as you are, so will your love be. That which your love brings to you won’t matter so much for you will know the love in your heart, and you will like it. That you love is important. That love comes to you in a certain guise, well, that is not so important after all.

What you give becomes far more important than what you get. Has not what you are to receive been the most important to you? Why, you have demanded it and pouted when it did not arrive, or arrive in the form you had decided that it must. Let love be free-form, beloveds. Let it cognize itself. You do not have to designate it or describe it or hold out for it.

You do not have to have the best in the world, for you are the best in the world. You do not have to be the best love in the world because best cannot even apply to love. Love is, that’s all. Love is not an empty hand, beloveds. Love is a quiet place where hearts meet as if there were no time at all, no demands, no relinquishing, just being heart and heart together without even noticing it much. Natural is love. It is not a song and dance. It is a quiet beating of hearts, one for the other. It is like improvised jazz. That is what love is. It is a loll in a hammock. It is relaxation. It is honoring the love that peals and peals in the church bells of your heart.

You and a reputed someone else are together, and it is so natural. It is not emotion. Emotion rises and falls. Love is more like a steady stream, noticed yet hardly noticed because it is so natural. It falls where it may. It captures all the stars in heaven and puts them in the so-called other’s heart, and this is how your hearts become one. You will the other’s heart. You no longer play a solo. You are a duet. You may even be an orchestra. So many will join you. You will be an applause for love. You will reconnoiter with love. You will be a Virginia reel of love. You will be a palisade of love.

There will be no leaving. There will be no exit. What would you exit to? What could enchant you the way love enchants you in your heart? You don’t even require a partner any longer, or, We can say that you partner with love, and to the delight of your heart, everyone is precious to you. All are your favorites. All thrill you with joy. All are your accompaniment. All is love. What else is there to do but love? What else is there to be?

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Flowering Essence

Holy Grail, oh empty chalice of a grateful and humble heart, help us repent our continual regret of fear and shame that beguiles us so as we stand open, honest, and willing to learn Help us remain so teachable that our renewing ever present responsiveness isn’t even enough resistance for a small bird to push up and off from and into flight. May we embrace all that reflects in shadows of duality and separation, and activate the energy of light within the love of all life in every cell of our being as we ascend to truly do your will.

Please help reconcile within our Spirit in this sort of “death” phase of our spiritual development, as we ask for help to forgive everything we think we see in others as we simultaneously embrace what we see is within ourselves. May we bow to others: “Pardon me for allowing guilt and shame to delude me into thinking we are actually here; before you is merely all creation bowing in service to you with a humble grin as if a nurturing flower inspiring sunshine humor and mist of compassion.” Help us to enjoy the essence of our honesty together herein as we sense our common regret for even thinking we are here acting out with our ego from the essence of our hidden guilt that makes us continually judge each other.

Please help each and everyone of us admit we need to flower here with inspiration for others while we inspire the sunshine of another’s smile and the Spirit mist renewing shared compassion. May we turn everything over to God as we turn even more inside devotion for our creator instead of creation, and serve others with the love that comes from stillness and renewed faith to enhance our mutual Peace, help us let go of the self centered essence of arrogant seeming form. Choose for us each dawn what essence flows from different flowers as we enjoy our life here as your muse on our adventure once away from Love, only to experience the ecstasy of reunion home with You again, from daily surrender.

Please help us let go of our ruthless devotion to our own form and help us unlearn all we think we know for the sake of relearning to love as Spirit only truly can in the formless. God, yes, even mothers, fathers, and babies need our forgiveness as mere form worshiping form in long dreary lines generating our human clocks in linear time that delude us. Eventually, help us increase our value of formless Spirit over any and all form that simply disappoints and beguiles us, and help us enjoy eternal life instead of making believe we are not all suffering similar regret for even being here in form with all our hidden sorrow.

May we enjoy our renewing innocence as we forgive others to become forgiven in our new minds, and may we experience new courage. Bring us out of denial as we embrace this essence of all form, and as we stop denying our anger and fear, allow our most honest tellings inspire others to stop pretending. May we see the most honest innocence comes in formless Holy Spirit as we get out of the way to empty our hearts to make room for the love and joy that is present everywhere. Transform our thinking that ‘kindness is weakness’ and help us experience your goodness that can emanate through us like a chalice for a humble heart, refilled with your flowering essence.

What a deeply beautiful

What a deeply beautiful prayer. It inspired quietude, love and surrender within. Thank-you so much for taking the time to share.

Blessings of Love and Light

Jeffery Pinetree is a real EVERGREEN.

The Spirit of Life permitted you to tell us our own LIFE story as spoken to you by Life Himself. Your hearing is beautiful. How you say it is Divine, how we hear it depends on how quiet we can get. Thank you dear vessel. Please give us more.


Thank you For Your Love Dear Father

Dear God,

Thank you for your Heaven Letter. There is such beauty in your verses it brings great happiness to my heart. Love is beautiful and has to be sensed, felt, bathed in, danced with, prayed to, not controlled. Thank you for showing us that Love is not a commodity. It is the gift-giver and Gift, It is the dance and our Dance Partner, it is our Life and the breathe we breathe. Just like we don't control, supervise, or restrict our breathe, we can't so to Love either. Love is the boundless sky - now beginning no end - Love is not the water in a swimming pool - it is the essence of the Ocean and Land. It permeates the air and hides in the trees. Thank you Lord for sharing your Love with Us and teaching that Love is omnipresent, omnipotent and Free, costing nothing yet is the most priceless gift in the World. Thank you for allowing us to realise that Love is Love, Is You and Is Us.

Love and Light


Relax!! Ha ha ha ha ha, just imagine. To all our tautly philosophical, grimly poetical and tensely existential reasoning, the answer is, "Relax." How very funny. I would not take that from any man, but from You it's all right. You might come up with "Don't worry, be happy" next time, and I will love it (even though it makes me froth at the mouth when I hear people talk this way).

Important is that you are relaxed enough to love simply for the love of it.

Is that all? I mean, does love only need some relaxation, no working through, no deep insight, no transformation, possibly not even God's special grace? Evidently, it does.

Nothing has to happen. Love can just be, and you can just be.

Could we then talk a little more about relaxation, dear God? You probably know that the shelves of every western bookstore are groaning under tons of books on relaxation. Obviously, those books are not exhaustive or we would be so relaxed and thus loving by now. And it does seem to be important since You are saying, that As relaxed as you are, so will your love be.

I would love to be able to relax enough for love to become natural again. And I must say: It makes so much sense that relaxation should be all there is to it. We are so deeply conditioned into always wanting do do something right, always looking for something profound. Could it be that our profundities are shallow while relaxation is deep?

Well, Kay already said it, this is simply beautiful.


I like to make it simple, but if relaxation were "all there is to it", we would find God into a Spa, and the most enlightened being would be a panda...well, it can be.

Relaxing into love again...

Jochen...You said: "Could it be that our profundities are shallow while relaxation is deep?"

And I respond...Yes...Yes...Yes!

I love to relax...and I relax to love. I love sitting around and doing nothing...I also enjoy standing around and doing nothing. I also enjoy both sitting and standing around doing something. I love my enjoyment...and I enjoy my love. And Jochen...I enjoy you...my love...and everyone else on this forum.

Thank you for your gift of insight and may the presence of God be revealed within you...more and more and more and more. And...of course...GOD=LOVE Jim and Jimi.



Truly, as YOU SAY, "what could possibly enchant you the way love enchants you in your heart?" NOW THAT'S A SUBLIME


the only reason to exist - and the idea that everyone is precious to us , and everyone is our favorite Love, life can then naturally become

an event that's endlessly thrilling. Every morning we waken and say, "truly every cell in my body is reaching out for the Love of

God - for it's everywhere present! Everyone and everything I see blesses me!" Love can weave it magic through our words and

actions and our eyes can therefore relinquish anything like sadness, everything turns a little bit lovelier and brighter. Dearest Maestro,

it would seem YOU have wrapped your Divine Laughter and Love around everything, and transformed everything into infinite generosity.

What a world this can truly be!!!

Spellbound we play, spellbound we work.

We know of our enchantment only when we know THE ENCHANTER who said: "Abra ka dabra" over our developing form. Few know that this is the Hebrew for: "The words I speak create the forms that I say." Our loving God speaks our world into us by using our own words.


Wow George..

I never knew that. Thank you for that insight. Will take it into my heart...and am now open for God to be present... and speak through me the perfect words in the perfect moment.... Love always, Jim and Jimi.

Jim you are God's Womb of the Morning

Through you, precious Jim, the Dawn of a New Life is being born. Thanks with all my heart. I sure love you


Jim you are God's Womb of the Morning

Through you, precious Jim, the Dawn of a New Life is being born. Thanks with all my heart. I sure love you