What Do You Surrender?

God said:

Day or night, you are sleepyheads. Now it is time for you to awake. I am at hand. Would you miss this spectacle of Me? Would you miss My quiet love? Would you miss a deep breath that signals the new dawn of light? Would you really like to continue as you are and stave off life by running around in it, too busy to perceive, accept, and love it? Wouldn't you rather come to Me in full recognition of yourself, your blessed holy Self, presently entangled in the grip of relative life and your role in it?

Your destiny is to come to Me. Come to Me now. You come to Me in your awareness. It has been called surrender. Is it surrender to choose to fulfill your deepest desire? There is nothing for you to surrender.

If someone wishes to bestow a million gold coins on you, and you accept, just what are you surrendering but your possession of fewer gold coins? What do you surrender when you accept more?

In My case, what do you surrender but ignorance? Is ignorance so precious to you that you can't give it up? What is it in the past that you hold on to so dearly and which is less than what you can have now? The trail of memories is only a trail, beloveds. There are new trails for you to follow. Do not follow where you have been. Follow Me now.

It is not so much that you forge new trails. It is that a new you forges ahead, where, in conscious memory, you have never seen or been before . This is a well-traveled path I take you on. Take a step now. There is Heaven beneath your foot. You cannot fall, unless you speak of falling in love. Fall in love with Me. When your eyes do not depart from Mine, what can trammel you? If Earth life is a matter of your perception, then perceive Me.

Not only am I the light at the end of the tunnel, you will see there never was a tunnel. You crawled through mire only to find there was no need to crawl, and there was no mire. Beloved, beloved, you are in the sunshine of My heart. Why would you not want to know this?

What holds your attention so that you drift away from awareness of love? You who hold on to so many things, will you not keep your gaze on Me, and look into this mirror of yourself, and find Me here? I joyously await your recognition of Me.

You are in a park. I sit on a bench waiting for you. All you have to do is to come over to where I am sitting. There is already a place for you beside Me. I pat My hand on the bench. I whistle to get your attention. You walk by, oblivious, and all the while you wonder why I am not more present. Beloveds, I am omnipresent. It is you who thinks I am away.

There is no place for Me to go, any more than there is place for you to go. All is here right before you. The treasure is now. I am the treasure. I am the treasure you have not yet opened, and so are you. You have not yet opened yourself. Preferring to be closed, you have not opened. Open you must. Open you will. Open now. I am right here. I am eager to have you open to My love. I am eager to have you look into My eyes. What prevents you from meeting My gaze? Why, nothing at all. Oh, well, perhaps your stubbornness. And what is your stubbornness but holding on to ideas long past their prime?