Decisions Are Choices

God said:

When there are two choices, and you want both, and can't have both, how do you decide? When it comes to two flavors of ice cream, or two dresses, perhaps you can have both, but in decisions that are on a grander scale, a choice has to be made, and you have to make it. You don't want to. Both choices are desirable, and you have to decide between two good ones.

You have considered this a problem. Now consider yourself fortunate to choose between two equally desirable choices. How blessed you are. What good fortune you have. When there are two good choices, can one be wrong?

Sometimes you have to choose between what you easily want to do and what you must. Beloveds, sometimes you have to leave your childhood behind. Sometimes you have to choose to change, to grow, to choose that which is beyond your usual cycle of activity.

When you cannot be in two places at once, and there are two choices you love, then you simply have to choose one and get on with it. Otherwise, you hover, and your energy is scattered. Better to make a decision than to keep going back and forth.

Perhaps one decision is for now. Perhaps you will finish its purpose, and you can come back to the other choice. In that way, perhaps you can have both, but not both just yet. One at a time in the land where time exists.

Perhaps you have chosen to have two choices and to squirm between them. Perhaps you invited this crossroad. Perhaps you knew that you would have to make this decision. Perhaps this was a game you played with yourself. Perhaps this is a decision you postponed , and now you can postpone no longer. Perhaps this wasn't a roll of the dice. Perhaps these were two wooden soldiers you lined up in a row in another place and time and couldn't decide which one to take outside with you.

Decisions arise to be made.

When you really feel stuck, then put one decision in your left hand, and one in your right, toss them back and forth so you have no partiality. And then when you stop tossing, offer both decisions to Me with your arms outstretched to Heaven, and see which I choose. You will see that I have more confidence in you than you do in yourself. When I make the choice for you, when the choice is made, you will know you knew all along which choice to make, and yet held on to both options because you didn't want to let go of one.

And now your energy is focused, and now you can begin. It was not so hard after all. The choice made itself, as it were.

You were not choosing between two closed doors. It was not a blind choice you had to make. Your eyes were open, and you chose well.

Now that you have decided which fork in the road you will follow, you walk on it. All of nature will back you and bless you on your journey. The wind will speed you, and trees will bend before you. Flowers will bloom when they see you are on your way. The Heavens will open up and light your path. All because you made a decision and pointed yourself in one direction rather than two.

Do you hear the conches heralding your arrival? You arrived at a decision, and the world is in gratitude to you.