Welcome God

God said:

Sometimes you may wonder how I can carry so much on My Mind as I do, how I can assemble so much at one time, and how, unlike My dear Children, keep everything straight and in sight and calm and unhurried and unharried and never ruffled.

For one thing, the world resides in My Heart, and is not kept secularly in what you might emphasize as My Mind. My Heart and Mind are One. My Beloveds, I do not have to think and think about anything.

I am a free spirit, and all is organized for Me. Nothing is ever an effort for Me whatsoever. You order the world according to how you view it.

If you get tied up in knots, it is you who ties yourself up in knots. Never am I out to get you. Let Us take the High Road.

Here you are, Beloveds, seemingly torn between Free Will and Destiny.

You may see the world as computerized, as if your feelings are not taken into account.

I already create miracles every day. All I have created is verily a miracle and, perhaps, despite your objections, your Choice of Destiny.

I, God, work in subtle ways. It cannot truthfully be said that I work. I AM. I AM Being. I AM a God-Being. Effort is unknown to Me.

The Energy of Sun IS. The Sun shines. This is the Sun’s Being. The Sun reflects My Light via its Bright Yellow Light and Warmth. The Sun shines its Natural Light of Life on all alike.

And so does My Love radiate. So do the Stars. And so are the Stars reflected on the Ocean Bright.

You might say that I am like a college football star. As you see it, I make some touchdowns and other times I drop the ball. Does your Love for Life and your Love for Me depend upon a score? Grant Me free range.

You will relax the grasp you have on what you call score. You will just Love and Love Me. At the least, you will be a good sport, and not count errors as though you were a sentinel or a wigged judge in a British court.

It isn’t your duty to set the score right. Beloveds, keep no scores. There is no in, and there is no out.

How do you know that what you see as My intervention or saving the day for you is not already destined? It could be it is destined. It could also be your Free Will.

Am I God to be dissected? What is it exactly that you must question and must find the answers to? This may well be fiddle-faddle.

Come, when you take yourself too seriously, then make a choice to get off your high horse.

You are an explorer on Earth. Explorers may find Treasures of Gold. They may also find drought and floods. Explorers know what they would like to find, yet it is not foretold to them what exactly they will find. All they can do is go out there, cheer themselves on, and take their chances. As you see it, Life is a mixed bag.

Of course, be happy when the Sun shines, yet you don’t have to scowl at clouds or rain. Soon enough the Sun will come out again. While it rains, explore the clouds and welcome their existence and gradations of color as well as the pounding of the rain on the roof and the puddles the rain makes.

I welcome you to participate in the unfolding of Life. Welcome to Earth. May you welcome Me, Beloveds, welcome My Being. I AM. I AM on your behalf. I bless you to Oneness.

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I welcome God to my heart every day and appreciate what he did to me. Life without him wouldn't be the same... God helped me getting through every single problem I had in my life and I wont leave him - just like he wont leave me :)

Thank you for this wonderful entry <3
God bless you all, much love,

Dear Chris, what a beautiful

Dear Chris, what a beautiful strong solid comment from you. You give great comfort to me!