Let Your Love Flow

God said:

You may feel you flounder in a maelstrom of lack on Earth. Despite how you may flounder, I tell you that you live in a maelstrom of Love.

It is Love that is hard for you to accept. This must be so because you want Love to prove itself to you. You want to be assured that you are Loved. You tend to be unassured of your Truth.

The Sea of Life may be deep and yet, you rock the boat. Even for one day, if you could accept the Bounty of Love that you are and that you merit, how different your Life would be. How different you would be. You would not falter.

It seems that you may go at Love backwards. You do everything to assert that you are overlooked, and insist, that Love must be so plump and full that it knocks you over. And, yet, Love in the world doesn’t come forth strongly enough and consistently enough for you to feel certain of it.

Do you see how you may approach Love in a backhanded way as you bide your time?

When you take a walk, you do not teeter and totter. If there is a place you want to get to, you stride there. You don’t test the waters first. You don’t fiddle around. You walk there without tiptoeing.

Dear Ones, when it comes to Love, count on Love even as there is no accounting for Love. Of course, what you are to have your attention on is the Love that lies within yourself. Add up the right columns when you think about it.

Let your Love flow. It is your Love Within to give that you are to nurture.

When you play tennis, you may be the one who starts. When it comes to Love, start with what is referred to as your Love. Dear Ones, Love is in your Court. Start up your so-called Own Love. Then Love will surface from others and reach you.

If you don’t feel Loved or Loved enough, you have not come to the Scrimmage Line. Dare to throw your Love. Be concerned more with your throwing your Love than you are concerned with its being caught the way you would like. Throw your Love high and low and this way and that.

Where are you to look for the Beauty of Love? Within yourself, of course. Chase your Own Love. Toss your Own Love hither and yon. Where are you to seek Love from? From your Own Heart. It is your Own Love you are to discover in Life around you. First things first.

It is not for you to accumulate Love. It is for you to give Love. Be the first. Not that you really are taking notes, but rather where your Love is found is within all Love that flows from you. Ah, then, beloveds, you will ride the Waves of Love. It is your Own Love to rely on. You are the dispenser of Love.

I say you are Love, and yet you do not assume the role of Love. Be it. Be the Love. Open the windows of the Love that you already are. You don’t have to import Love or manufacture Love. You just have to let your Love go out. Love will be known. Love will flow from the ramparts. Love will be known from on High wherever you look.

It is not that everyone has to Love you. It is you who is to Love in all your Glory. In and out of a room on Earth, you are the One Chosen to Love. Oh, what a world it will be where everyone Loves and never stints on giving their Love.

It is natural to Love. It is unnatural for you to withhold Love. Go ahead. Be free. Love the Universe. Flow on, sweet Afton, River of Love.

Flow gently, sweet Afton! amang thy green braes
Flow gently, I'll sing thee a song in thy praise…

Robert Burns, 1791

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The title of this beautiful

The title of this beautiful Heavenletter has already been given to an earlier one:


New title for this present one could be "Be the Love" (third paragraph from below).

Thank you, Rover. You look

Thank you, Rover. You look after Heavenletters. Grateful to you.

The River of Life

Many are the ways to share the mystery that "IS" uniquely me and the greatest of these is Love. To Love One Seeming Other Freely without expectation of gain transforms the World. As I joyfully set my Love free, Love freely flows back to me because that is who I AM.