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Welcome, dear Albert, to Heavenletters' Translation Team!

Dear Heaven team members,

we have a new Dutch translator, Albert Bakx. Let's give him a cordial welcome!

Albert was born in a small village in 1965.He studied to be a schoolteacher. Nowadays he earns his living with African percussion (workshops, courses) and doing all kinds of jobs as a handyman.

He is blessed with his" beautiful and wise wife, 4 powerful sons and a few very good friends".

All the best to you, dear Albert! Great that you are here!

Love and blessings, Clemens

Dear Albert, you are so

Dear Albert,

you are so right. Translating God's words into the world of our inner feelings and higher proclivities which are related to our mother tongue and which are accommodated there, is to let sink them into us more and more. The beaten drums will become both, higher - and more subtle and more winning,


Beloved Theophil, you

Beloved Theophil, you inspire me all the time, dear one!

And yes, we sure welcome Albert, new Dutch translator.

We welcome translators in all languages. Please inquire!

Thanks, Clemens! Thank all

Thanks, Clemens! Thank all translators who give of themselves so generously year after year.

We are blessed.

Albert took to translating like a duck to water!

Welcome, dear one!

Welcome, Albert! It's great

Welcome, Albert! It's great to have more translators joining the team. If you need anything, give us a shout :)