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A question...

Hello everyone! Hope you're all doing well :)

I wanted to verify, considering the Heavenletters this week, that the terms Heavenletter, Godwriting, Godwrite are terms that we shouldnt translate and just leave as they are. Is there any other term that we shouldnt translate?



Beloved Wanda, you are so

Beloved Wanda, you are so right. Thank you for bringing this up. We are working on new Translator Guidelines, and what you bring up here is a must to include. Yes, yes, yes!

I also have another questions about Heavenletters, Godwriting, and Godwrite. These are copywrighted. We have the right to copyright these as Heavenletters™ Godwriting™ Godwrite™ Godwriters™ We aren't looking to own. And to use the symbol ™ all over the place gets in the way

Certainly in Heavenletters as this last one right here in a series about Godwriting, we're not going to add the symbol within God's Heavenletter at the same time as we want to protect the terms Heavenletters and Godwriting Workshops from cropping up from just anywhere.

Thank you so much, Wanda, for bringing this up. God bless you.

Love, Gloria

P.S. for those who may not know, Wanda is the Team Leader for the great Spanish Team of Volunteer Spanish Translators. 3Cheers for all the Translators. You are the Stars of the Heaven Universe. We are grateful for each one you angels.

Thank you, Gloria! I thought

Thank you, Gloria! I thought it best to ask hehehe. I' started with my part of last week's translations and i just wanted to make sure i was doing it right by not translating any of those.


You know what, dear Wanda,

Again, Wanda, big thanks for your thoughtful important question. Thank goodness for translators. :)

Love, Gloria