War and Peace

God said:

Beloveds, do not think it is an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.

There is no retaliation worth its salt. There is no payback worth its name.

It is not for you to stay at the level of a wrong. My beloved children are not schoolboys who must hit back. You are messengers of God.

You have better messages to give than this: "I give back to you what you gave to me. If you offended me, I offend you. If you killed my brother, I kill yours. I am your shadow. Even though you have offended me, and I dislike you, I will copy you exactly. I have no thought of my own. If you are a bully, I will be a better bully. If you are angry, I will be angrier. If you hate, I will hate more. My only thought is to avenge a wrong, and so I perpetuate wrong, even if it kills me. My revilement of you is justified, and I will not lift you up no matter what. I will keep you down. And if, as I keep you down on the ground, I must keep myself there too, then so be it. There is no sacrifice I will not make in order to punish you. Under pain of death, I will still get back at you. I have named you enemy, and I will not befriend my enemies. I will wrestle with you until you capitulate and I make you say uncle."

Made in My image, hearts of My heart, call your antagonist brother, for he is your brother. Did I not create all men brothers? Which one of you is not My child? Who is not your brother or sister? Would you hurt one child of Mine? I urge you to get out of that mistaken loop of "an eye for an eye" and the treadmill of '"tooth for a tooth". It is not honorable of you to exact hurt for hurt. Join with Me in declaring an end to such a trap.

What you call strong is weak, beloveds.

When Christ said to turn the other cheek, he meant that you must rise above offense. He meant that you must undermine offense. He was telling you to move over to another position. When you stand in one place, you see one way. When you move to another place, you see a different way. To turn the other cheek means to perceive differently.

If you abhor injustice, then you must will goodness. Radiate that which you wish to have.

What injustice is there you have to yell out that has not already been yelled out a thousand times?

If you want change and peace on Earth and good will to men, then you cannot keep yelling out "Injustice". You must say something else.

If you want peace, keep peace in mind. If you want war, keep that in mind. If you want an end to strife, then let strife end in you. If you want good will on Earth, then initiate it.

War is not fought in My Name. War is fought in the name of ego. It is fought in the name of greed. It is fought in the name of anger and retribution. There is no honor in war. War is blood-shed. Shed light instead. Rise higher, and there will no enemy. The enemy dwelt within you, beloveds. Someone struck a chord in you. And now, with My blessing, you will not play it back.