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Volunteer Angels -- Just the beginning

Dear Angels Who Have Recently Volunteered,

To John, Angela, Wendy, Cassandra, Buttercup, Jenni

This email is mostly for you! But, of course, it is also for those angels who have been volunteering for some time.

To Nancy, Marcy, Pam, Berit, Jochen, and to all the current translators: Alexis, Theophil, Stefan, Normand, Jean-Christophe, Engin, Paula, Daniela, Vera, Ana, Cecilia, Elizabeth, Luus, Yriah, and to some past angel translators and volunteers, Adrachin, Vanya, Annette, Kirt, Sascha, Edna, Laura De Giorgio, Maria T., Marlene S., Yuri, Sofia, Andreea, Lauren, Naomi, Nomvula, Anca, Oldooz, Margaretha, Claudia, Christine, Annie Claud, Cedric, Bert, Szymon

We are so grateful for you. All the good things that happen for Heavenletters also bring more work to be done, and we are riding a wave of great happenings and great work.

Please know that Heaven Admin and I are also volunteers. We are all in this together. One of our goals, as I see it, is that all of us work together and support one another.

Heaven Admin will have more to say later.

A big project is coming up. And that is expanding Heaven News into a Heaven e-zine.

Here's the idea:

Heaven News seems to want to be more than it is. We could have an ezine be whatever we want it to be -- with articles, interviews of volunteers and Heavenreaders and relevant personalities, ways of life in many countries, sample comments from the forum, samples comments from the blog, personal news, all submissions from Heavenreaders -- artwork, photographs, interviews, ideas, Oneness Journey, Spiritual Center, recipes! Looking for your ideas right now. This would be made for Heavenreaders by Heavenreaders. Everything by Heavenreaders.

What would a Heaven e-zine look like? Do we have a new cover for each issue? Is it a new format every time or? What sections would we have? I imagine some permanent sections and some would appear once, or once in a while. Would we have special editions in other languages? Certainly we'd have features from and about other countries. We could plan on an e-zine being once a month and replacing Heaven News. Can we handle once a month? We can be as creative as we like, yet such an e-zine takes a lot of precise detail work too. Who is going to do it? Who has an urge? Anyone with experience? Who would do what?

Heavenletters are primary. Blog and now e-zine are secondary, yet this idea has pushed its way through. I think this is God's idea. I don't think it's mine. Neither Heaven Admin nor I have had the thought nor the capability of taking on more to do!

Who would like to take it on? It would take a lot of time and responsibility. It would require editors for every section and then an overall editor in chief, I imagine. And then…


Meanwhile, Angela came forward:

Angela Byers

Angela wrote:

I went to the Cosmic Heavenletter Generator, which I consult several times a day. God said, "You Are Marching Beautifully" (from July 4, 2010 - Independence Day!). I especially liked this part:
"The day is near at hand when everyone steps together, hand in hand, foot by foot. This march on Earth is going to be thunderous, as everyone carries the same beat. The beat is love. Love will become the only cadence known."

I am ready to serve God.

Running a Heaven e-zine would be, well, heavenly, in terms of what I like to do (photography, writing, editing, graphic design, talking about God ) and the skills I have acquired over the years. I was a Systems Administrator and Information Technology consultant for fifteen years before moving to Los Angeles, where I was co-owner of a catering business. I am free to travel and/or relocate and am also very interested in the Argentina project.

I know that God will guide us as we move forward.

Loving You,

Sounds like we have an editor-in-chief!

Coincidentally, Wendy C. from Indiana wrote in:

i am a writer....what can i do to assist?

So one other writer to start!

Another big project is upgrading the web site. This is Heaven Admin's domain, of course. Sounds like we have John, and Angela and Marcy, too, if they can fit it in.


I would love to volunteer to HeavenLetters. HeavenLetters is a God Send and always seems to communicate to me exactly where I am at. I don't need to shift my thinking or actions when I read HeavenLetters to understand. They meet me halfway and I always feel blessed. Heaven Letters has given so much and I would like to give back at least a little of what I have received, from the heart. I know HTML code and can build web pages using javascript, PHP, and MYSQL. I have a degree in Computer Science and have done this type of work in the past. Have a wonderful evening and be with God.
John Esquibel, New Mexico

Here are my, Gloria's, personal desires:

  • That someone finds a way to keep me organized.
  • That someone acts as my memory and doesn't let anything fall through the cracks.
  • That I have time freed to work on writing projects.
  • That Heaven Admin is freed up from the repetitive things he presently has to spend time on.
  • That volunteers are pro-active. You may have to make it happen. Sometimes we're so busy.
  • That we accomplish a lot together in a harmonious time-saving way.
  • That we reach more new subscribers in all languages.
  • That new translators come in all languages


Here are general intentions for all of us:

  • That we work together for the greater good.
  • That each volunteer finds what he or she most finds most personally enriching. Volunteering only works when you are happy.
  • That volunteers' time restraints are clear ahead of time so too much is not asked of them.
  • That volunteers get an overall sense of how we serve God best and, at the same time, genially get Heavenletters out into the world. How would God most want what we are doing to be done.
  • That somehow we keep a balance of taking the responsibility of the work we do at the same time as we realize it isn't our work at all. Even so, we have to own it in the sense it is ours to do and we give it our all.
  • That it's clear who reports to whom and that you keep Heaven Admin or me up to date on what you are doing and/or whatever questions you have.
  • That we share ourselves and let go of our boundaries as much and as quickly as possible. Sharing ourselves, for instance, would be sharing our email addresses amongst the volunteers, for many will be working on the same projects. Will you say yes to this, please?
  • That you make yourselves visible on the Heavenletter Spiritual Community Forum and/or Godwriting blog. For the forum, register, fill in your profile, include photo, and post comments. Please don't be reserved or shy. Comment on the Godwriting blog when you feel moved to. As volunteers, you are representatives of Heavenletters. When you post publicly, more of our energy goes out, and the more other Heavenreaders become enlivened. Also, frankly, your posting saves me a lot of time and work. I read everything that is on the forum and respond when I can. Many will respond to you.
  • That when you do take on an assignment, that you make sure that we are on the same page. Help me to be clear. In case there is a misunderstanding, let's catch it before the work is done.
  • That when you do correspondence for Heavenletters, courtesy and kindness are prime.

What would you add to this list of intentions?

This email has gotten long enough for now. I will continue it later, get into specific needs, and show some sample correspondence that Nancy has done perfectly.

Heaven Admin posted this for us.

I'll write more on volunteering tomorrow, and then we can really get the ball rolling.

Thank you all for your patience.

Many blessings and thanks and love,


Hello Everyone

Well... I like the idea very much and it made me very excited to be able to work with e-zine team. My mind needs time to fully absorb the idea and then give some other creative ideas. I might be able to write and translate. But when I'll be able to join, I don't know. I have to first assign some time to translating Heavenletters into Farsi (yes, Farsi Heavenletters will be back) and then to see how much time I have to work with e-zine.

For now, I can only give you encouragement… :) I'll do help in anyway possible.

With love,
Oldooz, from Iran

Hurray! Beloved Oldooz, such

Hurray! Beloved Oldooz, such an immediate and positive response! So happy to have you back. Your presence is a great boost. Thank you, thank you.

Thank you too, dear Gloria.

My heart burst with joy thinknig of working with Heavensangels..

I may need someone to edit my writings in English.

I think the idea is

I think the idea is fantastic, a real expansion, a wonderful shift I feel.

I will see where God's love will guide me to assist in any way I may be able to.

much much love to you dear and all Heavenangels.

Berit, filled with God's

Berit, filled with God's love, you have always been there for Heavenletters.

I beg your pardon

I never had a problem in understanding what Heavenletters have been saying, but...e-zine...puts me in serious trouble...

What do you mean, angel?

What do you mean, angel? This is probably a good point you are making. What is our vision?

It would be an expanded Heaven News. Maybe we could have an easygoing article about you at home in Italy with photos. We'd love to see your husband! You could tell about your life.

Really, the Heaven E-zine can be what we want it to be. Certainly we will want to highlight translators, one per issue, I imagine. Angela, who has much experience, will get the ball rolling.
We'll be seeing her ideas here on the forum.

There are all kinds of possibilities!

Thanks for responding, Emilia.


Everything possible with e-zine! Even to polish my silver! Wonderful. I thought it was some kind of higly advanced technology transplanted on earth by alien civilizations.
What you say sounds quite reassuring and thrilling, though I live outside of time I am not left behind by this evolving world.
A reportage from Italy, why not, but I am not of the realism's current.
I wait for Angela's ideas (..I also would like "something" working as a chauffeur, parking is becoming harder and harder nowdays).

Certainly, a Heaven Ezine

Certainly, a Heaven Ezine will polish your silver and park your car. Good ideas!

I, too, am waiting for Angela. Angela, where are you!

Dear Volunteer Angels, We

Dear Volunteer Angels,

You are invited to respond on the forum as well. Thank you for your consideration.

Here are two exemplary emails that Nancy wrote on behalf of Heavenletters. They are wonderful:

Beloved Sharon,

Gloria asked me to write to you on her behalf. Thank you so much for your generosity to Heavenletters. What a wonderful thing. Your tithe makes a difference for Heavenletters and for all our hearts.

I had been reading Heavenletters for over a year when one day, after reading Gloria's description of her daily workload, I sent her an email saying that if I lived closer, I could help her. Well, approximately a month later she wrote back and voila...I am a Heavenletter Volunteer! It's a wonderful feeling knowing that I am helping in bringing these inspirational messages to the world.

May you have a wonderful day, and God bless you always.

With love,

Nancy Ciasulli, Heavenletter Volunteer, on behalf of Gloria and the Heaven Team

Dearest Daniela,

Hello from North Carolina all the way to Pula, Croatia! Gloria ask me to write to you on her behalf.

We love seeing your beautiful Croatian translations and truly miss sending them out into your world. My Heavens, you have translated over 200 Heavenletters! That is one remarkable accomplishment. We are greatly appreciative and thankful for all your contributions in spreading the messages of Heavenletters. Now I know why Gloria says that you are a special translator, a dear person, and a valued friend. You are so important to us and we would love to know how you are doing.

Seeing you in God's Perfect Light.


Nancy Ciasulli, Heavenletters Volunteer, on behalf of Gloria and the Spectacular Heaven Team

Aren't those letters just wonderful? Please note that emails Nancy sent included her choice of a Heavenletter quotation as part of her signature.

If you are going to be sending emails to Heavenreaders or anyone as part of the Volunteer Team, include a quotation of your choice from Heavenletters at the end as part of your signature. And if you can, also include the graphic of the Cosmic Generator.

In volunteering for Heavenletters, naturally, there is a learning curve. There are subtleties that you can't be expected to know right off the bat. These fabulous samples of letters Nancy wrote were not her first draft.

As we get started, you and I, let's work together. Ahead of time, I don't know what to lay out for you. I wish I did. Of course, I'm trying to do that now.

In twelve years, I have learned a lot, often the hard way. Please go through me before sending out something that represents Heavenletters. We'll work together until we both know we are coming from the same place. The time will come when you will be able to run with what you are doing. I know I am going to learn a lot from you as well, and I am grateful. Thank you.

In addition, if you are going to be sending out emails on behalf of Heavenletters, will you kindly create a new email address that somehow shows you are officially representing Heavenletters? For example, Nancy, Berit, and Pam have taken these titles: heavenlettersworker, HeavenletterAssistant, heavenlettershelper I suggest gmail because gmail never seems to block any emails. There is a way to have email you receive at your new gmail account go directly into the email inbox you use now, so you don't have to go to two places. If you have any difficulty, please let us know. I volunteer Nancy, Berit, or Pam to help you!

And here's more about our our roles as Heavenletter volunteers:

We have high regard and respect for all subscribers, and we represent Heavenletters in a high way always. In line with this, we use great discretion. We keep confidentiality. We don't quote anyone indiscriminately. What someone, including me, writes to you personally – or to anyone personally -- may not at all be what they want made public.

When you are representing Heavenletters, you are representing Heavenletters. You are warm and personable, but you do not get personal. Here's what I mean. Once a helper became personally involved in other spiritual matters that a Heavenreader she had contacted on behalf of Heaven was introducing to her. This was going off-track. A personal correspondence took over. When you are representing Heavenletters, you can't represent something else or try to find out about it. It's a delicate line you are asked to follow.

Please share on the forum. My experience is that emails tend to take up energy. Responding on the forum for a greater audience does not. Let's see how posting works for us. As much as possible, post on the forum, if you will please. (Read the guidelines for the forum before you post. http:www.heavenletters.orgforum-guidelines-and-best-practises.html Sorry there are so many.)

Work as independently as you can, and, at the same time, keep the channels between us open.

Heaven Admin does so much. In addition to all his work for Heavenletters, he has employees and runs three businesses. I have it in mind to keep Heaven Admin free from interruption as much as possible. If you are "assigned" to Heaven Admin, of course, you will be emailing him (lucky you.) If you are "assigned" to me and you feel you have a question for Heaven Admin, please run it through me first. Possibly someone else can answer it, and one less email for Heaven Admin. If you don't get a response from Heaven Admin or me and you need an answer, will you kindly ask again?

For those who work directly with Heaven Admin, you will have access codes. Of course, please keep access codes sacred.

God bless you. You are indeed angels.

With love,


P.S. Keep visiting here and leaving your comments!

New Project

Dear Gloria,

I love the idea, you can count on me for translations, proofreading, writing or any other way I can help. I've been away from the translations for some time because I am taking a graduate degree and it involves a lot of work, so there are time constraints. As long as somebody will control the deadlines and inform me accordingly, I am in.

So my intention is that everything flows easily and effortlessly to benefit all involved.

Pls keep me posted!

Much love,

Ana Sanchez

Beloved Ana, my heart is

Beloved Ana, my heart is overflowing with happiness that you are here! Gratitude and blessings!

Ready or not, here I am!

Hello to you all. I hope to get to know each of you as we go forward with this expansion of God's love.

One of the things we need to consider is that publishing an ezine requires special software. Publishing a newsletter does not. What would be gained by changing the format? Sure, an ezine looks flashier, but perhaps my time would be better spent working on HeavenNews in it's current format, at least for a couple of months. Rather than reinventing the wheel, we can just add some fancy rims. That way, I could work on these things that Gloria desires:

* That someone finds a way to keep me organized.
* That someone acts as my memory and doesn't let anything fall through the cracks.

Gmail has a great calendar program. Gloria mentioned that she'd like to see all of the volunteers use a special account for "Heaven business". If we all had gmail accounts we could use the calendar program for deadlines and such. I could create a "bank" of accounts that would belong, so to speak, to Heavenletters and that could be accessed by multiple people if necessary or reassigned. Acting as a coordinator, I would have a good feel for who was doing what and could write about it in the newsletter. I could also be a personal assistant to Gloria, giving her more free time for writing and other projects.

* That we reach more new subscribers in all languages.
* That new translators come in all languages.

I propose that for the time being, rather than focusing on a new venture, I work on expanding our existing infrastructure, such as Facebook and Twitter, particularly outside the U.S. A Google search for "Heavenletters" returned 28,200 results. Many of these were blogs or websites that had published a link to a Heavenletter years ago, but did not have current links or a widget installed. That's a lot of people, potential subscribers and translators, who've already indicated their interest. I have more ideas, but for now I will get this posted.

Love to All.


Beloved Angela, Thank you so

Beloved Angela,

Thank you so much! Your ideas are wonderful. I love every one of them. It seems that you are ready and willing to give Heavenletters your everything, more than I had even anticipated, and I had anticipated a lot! I am delirious with joy! Well, Angela, I won't thank you! -- I'm going to thank God. I am so grateful. I do thank God for you and all the others who give so generously of themselves.

I will email you the upcoming Heaven News as far as I've gotten so you can start working! Santhan has wanted me to start using google.doc which sounds like the sort of thing you have in mind.

What I'm gathering is that you would take care of everyone and everything! You would do the assigning. You would be Headquarters Central! Heavenletter Clearing House! Heavenletter Blessings!

I love what you're thinking of for Facebook and Twitter.

Angela, I just gave Berit the posting of the Twitter quotes which I've been posting every day. I just asked Heaven Admin to show her the ropes. It sounds like you know what to do. I can see that you and Heaven Admin will have to connect as well. It sounds like Heaven Admin may have more time freed for him as well.

I'll keep doing Twitter until Berit can do that. Berit is a doll to work with, Angela.

In fact, that's how it is with everyone here. We are so blessed, blessed, blessed.

Jenni and Buttercup both want to help keep me organized. I haven't been able to get either of them to post yet. There is also Wendy C. who hasn't posted. She is a minister and a writer and offered her help. I think it's so important that we share ourselves on the forum.

And you saw that Ana and Oldooz did post and offered their hearts and help as well. They are eager to contribute.

Nancy has taken perfect responsibility for the invaluable things she is doing. Nancy, come to think of it, you haven't posted to this volunteer section on the forum either!

It seems essential to me that volunteers proclaim themselves on the forum.

There are other volunteers who wholly take care of what they're doing. I never even have to think about it. I know they're taking care of all that they took on and taking care of it admirably.

Theophil not only translates Heavenletters into German along with Stefan, but Theophil is the one who makes sure that they are dated properly and put into the queue and are published on the web site etc. This is a huge essential responsibility.

Jochen makes sure that there are no duplicate titles. He does more behind the scenes things as well.

I already mentioned all that Berit and Pam do for welcoming new Heavenreaders who register on the forum.

Mauro in Argentina is Heaven's cartoonist and he does web things as well through Heaven Admin. There is also Cecilia in Argentina who does some translating. Also Anita Alexis has a crew of dedicated translators who help in Spanish as well.

And then there is Heaven Admin who has made Heavenletters his own and has taken responsibility for just about everything!

And then there are all the magnificent translators.

And now you, Angela. And I suspect there will be more volunteer angels flying to us. I will have no excuse for not working on the books.

You have already taken a lot off my shoulders.

I will go ahead and send you email addresses.

Thank you, Angela, and everybody.

Angela, this sounds just

Angela, this sounds just right.

Each volunteer having a free Gmail account would give us all access to several other tools too. Heaven News could be created in Google Docs, which would allow several people to work on the same document. It may not be necessary to create a separate account, if you already have a Gmail account. A dedicated folder within Gmail would suffice.

I love the idea of expanding Facebook and Twitter outside of the U.S.

THANK YOU Angela and welcome.

One Love

Great minds.

Hello, Santhan. I am so pleased that we are on the same wavelength regarding using Google tools and expanding Facebook and Twitter. I have been checking availability of gmail account names and looking into some other issues. I'll post those later. For now, I just wanted to say thank you for the warm welcome.

One Love.


Something has already

Something has already happened with my being more organized! I found myself making a list, and I'm adhering to it. Here's the beginning of my list of what I have yet to do this morning.

Write blog about my day yesterday.

Send out CD's to the lovely husband who ordered 5 for his wife!

Break down and write and mail via post office a note to someone who sent a check for a personal question to God. I haven't received their question! And I don't find an email address.

It's a start!

I have a feeling that it is all your participation on the forum that is helping me have the desire and impetus to get organized!


I'm going to create a gmail account for myself.

Wonderful, wonderful!

Wonderful, wonderful!

Oldooz, just now I received

Oldooz, just now I received your Heaven gmail address. Fantastic. Perfect! Thank you so much! I'll send it to Angela as well.

And, dear one, thank you so much for posting on the forum.

May Allah bless you always.

Thank you, Gloria. It's a

Thank you, Gloria.

It's a pleasure to be here.

Canim Gloria, at last I have

Canim Gloria,
at last I have managed to read the whole text. Your message is so lively, full of energy, encouragement and enthusiasm:)))
Little Sarya is keeping me much more busy than I have ever imagined; as a two years old she always wants to be under the spots, crying " mama, mama..." Sometimes she makes me feel quite guilty...This is never a complaint but the facts of motherhood:))) So at the moment I really do not know what kind of contribution I can do - except of translating the letters. Being a member of this team is a blessing and a wonderful privilige. My photo, e-mail etc... can be shared, posted via forums.
You are welcome...
Canim Gloria and all,
if you have an idea about a specific contribution that I can do pls let me know.
love you all
love Heaven and Letters :))
Engin from Türkiye

The greatest thing you can

The greatest thing you can do, canim Engin, is to continue to translate Heavenletters AND take care of that beautiful two year old Sarya. Give her hugs and kisses from all of us too.

Sometime Angela might ask you to take photos of Turkiye and write more about you and your life. I imagine that in every issue we would have a write-up about and by a translator. I forsee that they will be original and creative and not ordinary at all. Maybe with a photo of you as a baby! Or maybe Angela will interview you. We'll see what she has in mind. I know it will be something good.

I would love to know more

I would love to know more about your life in Turkiye and see photos as well. Like Gloria said, I'd like to do a story on at least one of our wonderful translators for each issue of the newsletter/ezine. Maybe not this next one, as I am still trying to get to know everyone and how things work. But definitely the one after that. I will come up with some specific questions that will be standard for each story, such as how you found Heavenletters and how it has impacted your life and relationships. I so look forward to getting to know you better, canim Engin. Thank you for all that you are doing. What a blessing to the World you are.
Sending lots of love to you and Sarya,

Hi Engin,

Nice to hear from you.

Big hug,

Hello Wonderful People

Hello all you wonderful people. At last I have got the chance to get onto the forum and introduce myself. It is really fantastic to be part of this group and am so looking forward to meeting and working with you all - it sure is clear that there is so much talent and expertise within this group and I thank God for leading me here.

I am not as experienced in this type of forum as many of you are, but am ready, able and willing to learn and contribute wherever i can. Angela, I love your ideas for organisation. Do you have the gmail setup organised, or shall I go ahead and register an account in the meantime.

Much Love

We are so happy to have you here, Jenni.

Welcome to our family : ). Your lack of forum experience is a good thing. Just speak from your Heart and let the words flow. We want to hear all about you.

Regarding the gmail address, let me get back to you on that one, please.

Sending lots of love your way, dear Jenni.