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Gloria's Internet

Friends, you may have been wondering where Gloria has been these last few days. As you know Gloria has temporarily moved to a new home where we managed to get access to a network called BOB. This gave Gloria Internet access in her home. Last week, BOB stopped working and Gloria has since been without Internet access.

I'll call her today to find out what's the latest.

One Love

Good to hear that's all it

Good to hear that's all it is. Hope she can find some public place where she has internet access. Or let her just enjoy the break.

missing her

Oh, then, I was indeed wondering about it. Thank you Heaven Admin for telling.

Heaven Admin generously

Heaven Admin generously called me several times from Argentina. In fact, he spent hours and hours with me on the phone, trying to get the internet to work. To no avail.Good sport that Heaven Admin is, when I thanked him, he said bravely: "It's a pleasure." It must indeed have been a pleasure to get off the phone!

Not only was I unable to connect at home, I was also unable to connect at the library. This made me think something was seriously wrong with Schatzi, my computer.

But now I am at Lauren's in Chicago, and everything is working just fine here.

I have ordered DSL, and it should be ready to go when I get back next week.