Valiant Soldier of Love

God said:

Our connection is through your heart and through your eyes. Our connection is not through your mind. Your mind puts up a screen where it sifts Our connection, not in an attempt to make it holy but to make it logical. If course it is very logical that We be One, but the mind has its own kind of logic, an insatiable reasoning that chases after proof that is really of no consequence.

But the heart, the Human heart, knows that it is greater than the world's estimation of it. The heart has been the world's stepchild. It has been an outcast. The world has touted love, touted the brandishing of it, the clothes of it, and has turned love into a package rather than the gift it is.

Be that as it may, the true heart is a valiant solider of love.

Your mind tries to cover up the heart. It would disguise its vulnerability. The mind puts up a front.

The heart is meant to be vulnerable. When the heart is in its truth, it is vulnerable. If no one protected his heart from the eyes of the world, what a gentle place the world would be. There could be no callousness when the heart of man is tender. There would be no perceived need to give the Human heart a brittle cover.

The mind disguises the heart, but the heart still loves.

The mind has been like a racketeer who kidnaps the heart and holds it hostage. The mind becomes an inquisitor, makes the heart cringe and confess. The heart's crime is to love when there is no apparent gain.

The Human mind needs to confess that it has thwarted the heart at every turn. The mind deals in proof and reward. The heart deals in love. The heart pumps blood and supports the whole Being whereas the mind would regulate. The mind prides itself on rules and regulations while the heart thrives on love.

The heart is meant to offer itself. It is not the heart that puts up barriers between itself and other hearts. Left to itself, the heart is open and tender. It embraces.

When the mind tries to protect the heart from itself, the heart closes, and so it aches. Squeezed shut, the heart is not happy. Isolated from its own warmth, it becomes inconsolable. It shivers in the cold. The mind believes it has accomplished a victory when it has betrayed the heart.

The heart has to be vulnerable, or it would not be a heart.

When your heart opens, you are happy. You want to be open-hearted. You don't want to be a miser with your heart. You want to be a spendthrift with it.

Your heart is the key to other hearts, it is meant to be the key to fit all other hearts.

Left to its own devices, your heart would always be kind. The mind writes profit and loss statements. The mind squints its eyes, smokes a cigar, and makes boardroom decisions.

The heart flies a plane. It solos, dips and loops, and plays in the sun. It delights in itself, and its radar is set for Heaven. The heart knows where it is going, and it knows its way.

The mind interferes. The mind thinks it knows the heart's business, but the mind is like a robber who barges in and intimidates. Hail to the heart.

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what a gentle place the world would be

Much insight here, very much. I won't forget the cigar and that squint. Very graphic. Mind meaning to guard heart, heart needing to be vulnerable. The mind becomes an inquisitor, makes the heart cringe and confess. The heart's crime is to love when there is no apparent gain.

It's about gain! What is there to gain or, for that matter, to lose? The mind writes profit and loss statements. True, I can even watch it do that if I care to, eyes squinting, puffing on its cigar. There's an inquisitor and Scrooge inside, who would have thought!

I may have to read this again.

Oh an answer to One Heart's Question

Thank you for this heaven letter. Dear Gloria, quite by chance your beautiful heaven Letter came across my path. but it answered a question I asked just this evening. Dear Lord, we say you work in mysterious ways - and oh how true. You are a mysterious Divine Initiator and Director - showing us the way to retrieve answers we desire. The heart's duty is to be true and Love in the realm of truth. The mind is confused and judgmental - always cutting feelings and emotions felt by the heart into small unrecognisable pieces. Hail to the Heart - thank you beautiful Lord.

Love and light