Welcome the Day

God said:

This is the day you have been waiting for. Make it so. Wait no longer. Begin today. Make a toast to life today. Hold your glass high.

Consider life today as a waitress, and give it a tip ahead of time to ensure good service.

Greet today as a welcome guest. Be out front to meet it. You have been waiting for this day for a long time. It is arriving today!

This day wears new clothes for you. This new day has pulled the sun up over its shoulders like a shirt, and is now ready to go on stage. The day steps out for you. It waits your cheers.

This day will be like no other day. It is and wants to be the slate you write on. It offers itself to you.

Sometimes you grumble. You would send it back. But the day you write on is innocent. It does not write itself.

The day's occurrences do not have to affect who you are. You can be the same high soul regardless of the day.

You are the greeter of the universe. Tip your hat to it.

Sometimes the day is short, and sometimes the day is long. You can be pleased with either. Sometimes the music played is not to your liking, but you can be the chooser of the song you sing.

Let the day bring what it may. You are the flower that grows in the day's field. The day is not the determiner of you. You are the decider of how you treat today.

Let this day rise like a flag you salute. It is your day, after all.

Be a good sport today. You have already won the day.

Today is the garden you have been planting. Today it blooms. The flowers are yours to pick. Today is your orchard. All the trees are bearing fruit. Catch the apples before they fall.

Enjoy this day I set before you. True, there will be a new day every day, but this is the one today.

The sun's setting is like a curtain pulled back over the day. You return to your home, bidding closure to the day.

And now the evening awaits you, claiming that it is part of the day. And when the moon comes up and the stars come out, whom do you think they shine for if not for you? They come out for a curtain call. You are the chorus.

As the night tucks you into bed, you say good night to the day. You wish it well on its journey. It has served you well. It has done the best it can for you.

What if a few weeds show up? They are entitled. They dig their roots deep and rise high. They hold the soil together. Whatever you think of them, they look to the sun and wrest pleasure from it, showing you how. They do not wither from your thoughts. Instead, weeds show you how to welcome the day.

And at night, just like you, weeds close themselves up, restoring themselves until the sun wakes them up again.

Today is the day served up to you. It was prepared for you like a meal for your nourishment and blessing for your soul.

As you say good night to your day, thank it for coming to you. Thank it for going to the trouble. Thank it for lighting your way. Thank it for letting you walk through it.

It has picked up after you. It has wished you good day, and now it wishes you good night, and now it rolls over to make room for another day to take its place.