Unlike Goldilocks

God said:

Sometimes it seems that either you have too much to do or not enough to do. Unlike Goldilocks, you do not find the soup, the chair, the bed that is "just right." You don't favor having too much to do, nor do you favor having the day before you a long terrain with not enough in it. You are always looking for the right balance in your days.

When you are over-busy, you long for an idle day. When you have an idle day, you long for more to do.

It is not always easy to please yourself, beloveds. Make the most of the day you have. Decide that whatever the schedule of your day, you will enjoy it to the fullest. Have you forgotten about joy?

The grass always seems to be greener than where you stand. Dissatisfaction is rampant. You could just as easily have satisfaction. Why would you settle for anything less? Wring joy from what is before you now. Wring joy from life rather than displeasure. Why is it that what is right here right now isn't what you want? Are you always looking for something else other than what you have right now?

Keep Me with you. Let Me be the background of your landscape or seascape. Begin to look for Me everywhere and certainly in what is right before you.

Make today the best over-busy day you have had to date, or make today the best idle day you have had to date. Fill it with love. Fill it with Me. Acknowledge that every day is a play day. A little intention from you will go a long way. Make today a most wonderful day. Who is it up to really? You.

You star in this play you rehearse in life. You walk across the stage. You are the main character. You speak your lines. You listen. Your life on stage is colorful. Speak your lines with relish. You are ever new. Be joyful. Have alacrity.

There is no time, and yet there is no time to waste. This is the day to give yourself happiness. Perhaps this is the day to allow yourself happiness. What is to prevent it but some thought of yours? Perhaps think less.

I say you deserve happiness. I want you to have it. Why don't you?

Take this offering of today and make it wonderful. If this is a most routine day, you can still make it wonderful. Today if you wash dishes, enjoy washing those dishes. Whatever you are doing, decide to enjoy it.

Be My child who enjoys the sun and enjoys the rain. Be My child who enjoys.

Be not so grave. Daily life is not so serious as you think. Make daily life a lark. No matter how hard at work you are, make today a play day.

Decide in advance what kind of a day you are going to have. Isn't that what you have been doing? Have you perhaps said: "Just another day," as if you had a gripe with it. The day hasn't even happened, and you have already come to conclusions about it. The point is that this is another day. It is not the same day as yesterday. It is a whole new day ready for you to walk through.

Join Me in joy. Come along with Me. Talk to Me. Point out the sights to Me. Tell Me how much you like the world you live in and your life in it. Point out to Me what you like. Surely, you wouldn't spend Our time together pointing out what you don't like. Greet this new day with anticipation. It is before you now, and you have just one run-through. Make this day.

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Perhaps think less

This will be a good day, Sunday, for some serious training. Didn't sleep well (moon), feel a little groggy, have to work hard to meet a deadline. I bought the standard interpretation that this is difficult and undesirable. How stupid. How stupid to put yourself at the mercy of circumstances when free and at ease is what you think you want to be. You bought explanations that congealed into standards you insist the world must meet or you will punish it with dissatisfaction. Is there something more silly? Now you find it's you who gets punished all the time by your own dissatisfaction, and you don't know how to stop it after so many years of habituation.

Perhaps think less. I'm finding that this is the solution. Obviously, most of what I think is wrong anyway or I would have the life I want to have. If a substantial part of our thinking were accurate, how could there be such madness in the world? Because of them?

Why is it that what is right here right now isn't what you want? Yes, my God, why? I thought I knew the reasons and now it turns out I never did. I only parroted ancient hearsay, giving it some personal aroma to make it "my own". With all my imagined individuality and independence of thinking, what a mass product I am.

Perhaps this is the day to allow yourself happiness. What is to prevent it but some thought of yours? Yes, give me a hand, let's pull that plug and have those dissatisfaction thoughts gurgle out of here. Everyone, do you still believe there are objective reasons for dissatisfaction? Well, I do. And I want that belief to go.

"believe in objective reasons"

I should include "believing" in that list of what I am not fond of, not at all.
This kind of Heavenletter works on me in a total different way from what one could expect. I do not believe a word, but I feel a powerful wave of freedom arising within. Maybe it is a form of rebellion, but it is sane and it is Me.

more on "believing"

We can get rid of the belief in objective reasons, just to substitute it with the belief in subjective reasons, when we should by now believe there are no reasons. That's why I do not believe in believing, a very poor substitute for understanding.

whith love

dear heavenley father,
in this morning i play the music floutt,
it my pavoret music like i can see you play for me,
and cklosser to you,, and love you very much,
befor my day begein i put my tought to you, befor my work,
i give also my time to join you of my thought,
but sometimes i dont feel happy, because am not
coplate yet of my happeneiss, because i want my dother,
to be happy to, i have my young dother hers life she wish
to fulfil hers happyness of life, i am conected for her hers felling,
i know, you understan me how i feel an i express to you my felling
her i can not hide enymore i want to fullfel my happynes,
and i wish to all my dother be happy thers life,
of this moment when am writteng am listen your music
whith love,,

Loved Letter

I find myself coming back to this Letter again and again whenever I have a few minutes. Everything looks so amazingly simple, even easy, on this strenuous day.

Believing in dissatisfaction

Dear Jochen and dear Emilia, I like both of your today's posting (as I always do). I love Jochen's accurate expression of "punishing the world with dissatisfaction". Isn't what we do when we are children and adults and what we call "to sulk"? And Emilia, isn't rebellion another way of expressing dissatisfaction? And after all, is not "believing" also expressing dissatisfaction upon this world or even upon our own world?

And why do we feel we have to be dissatisfied? Because the world is not like we want it to be? That is superficially true. Dissatisfaction is an emotional and mental state that arise when we feel we have nothing to do with the source of that dissatisfaction. So is belief.

It seems easier to believe, be dissatisfied than to be aware and ACCEPT that awareness. Dissatisfaction and belief don't require any commitment. It is a passive look at reality. Awareness is much more difficult to accept and practice because you have to transform your dissatisfaction and belief into creating the reality you want.

I have to use the same quote as Jochen:

«Why is it that what is right here right now isn't what you want? Are you always looking for something else other than what you have right now?»

That is the most compelling statement about the reality and non reality of time and space. We are learning timelessness and spacelessness in a "timely and spatially" earthly manner. Is it not what God means by seeing Heaven on Earth?

And this statement of God is echoing another previous one which I paraphrase : It is from yourself that you feel dissatisfied, it is against yourself that you rebel, it is in yourself that you don't want to believe_from your imagined self.

This is a a great post with

This is a a great post with deep insight, Normand. Yes, rebellion is a form of dissatisfaction and dissatisfaction comes from believing "we have nothing to do with the source". Well, I do not accept to be compared to Goldilocks or the Princess on the pie, I do not accept to hear that we can "decide" to be happy and wash the dishes a million time always with the same alacrity and bright eyes.
As for what you quote, it seems to me that even the Source is looking for "something else" other than what is right now, here on earth. So dissatisfaction can also be the fuel of expansion and greater creation.
And, yes, it is from and against myself that I feel dissatisfied and rebel, who else is there?

So dissatisfaction can also

So dissatisfaction can also be the fuel of expansion and greater creation.

Historically, I believe, expansion born of dissatisfaction has been more of a bloating, as in imperialism, industrialization, armament. Creation out of dissatisfaction is accomplished by whatever love manages to seep in as well.

Dissatisfaction means we know better and want to be right or at least be considered right. If we actually were right, we could pack up our stuff. The only hope we have is that we are wrong, right?

right or wrong

History is a lark, we shoudn't take it so seriously.
For me dissatisfaction means I have enough, regardless of being right or wrong.
I packed my stuff long ago and I am still waiting on the platform. Who sent me here as a soldier ( of love or of fortune?) will take me back, right?

waiting on the platform

I know, sweet Emilia. Perhaps I'd just like to hear what having enough means in your case. I know what it means in my case whenever it is the case which is not all the time. In fact, it's getting less, and there is a strong counterforce. I never quite make it to the platform.


Perhaps I have enough of a silent sky.

Not Goldilocks but...

Dear Emilia, I think you wouldn't mind being compared to Julietta degli Spiriti!

You know Federico Fellini! I

You know Federico Fellini! I am honoured to be compared to the dreamy, bizarre Julietta, born from the fantasy of a great master.

I knew you would! I love

I knew you would! I love Federico Fellini. And I can imagine you so well playing Julietta wearing those beautiful hats in the garden.

IS don't fit Am but "going to fits never.

To love IS, is to surrender to the holy instant of now as all you have to play with. In fact the Now is the whole play on the world stage. We watch our selves in a cosmic mystic memory and often wonder why the scene changes when we are in the middle of a line, then we remember that this a rehearsal of some sort. Come to think; it's a dress rehearsal.

Oh, to be happy! Why is happiness always going to happen, or should have happened before my inner questions threw me out of the old window again. Perhaps I'll tell myself a different story. This story is not what I thought or thought I thought it should be. I think my thoughts spoiled the day before I got to live it.

I know what I'll do. Read this Heaven Letter another time or two.


Hi George and everyone else.

Hi all. I love you all so much! Sometimes, I think thinking and speaking are highly over-rated...but I keep on doing it! In spite of our speaking and thinking, God is...and is just fine...and we are too.I love relaxing and loving between thoughts. Hmmm. So nice, nothing to defend or proclaim or announce or figure out or even to respond to. Just the gentleness of silence...or even a single sound coupled with the response to not respond...or maybe to respond in a quiet way. I do not mind my mind any longer. It can contain anything and everthing it wants. I give it freedom...I free it...and with this freedom...it appears to empty or at least slow down quite a bit! Ha Ha!...or maybe: Ah! Ah! Loving all of you! Jim and Jimi.

Dear Jim and Jimi, it

Dear Jim and Jimi,

it reminds of something I have read very recently and it was something like:

"Form is the expression of Love. The form of my choice is silence."

I love that.

Love to you