God's Honest Truth

God said:

What do I say but that I created you in love and I love you no matter what transpires. These are not just words. This is the God's honest Truth. I can do nothing but love you with all My heart. I am glad. I have no protest about this. My intellect doesn't kick in and say: "But what about..." I, Who know the most of all, do not know judgment. I do not put anyone on trial. Why would I want to do that? Why would I want to mire Myself in that which I ask you to get out of and away from?

Please get away from the idea that you have to prove yourself to Me. There is nothing to prove. I am the proof of you. I live with you day by day, and yet I live in a different realm. Beloveds, you find enough fault in yourself. You don't need My help there. Rather, you need help in getting out of the common usage of fault-finding. That takes no talent. If you are the Princess and the Pea, that does not make you better. It is not elite to be so fussy. It is better to be able to sleep on the floor than not to be able to sleep on a hundred eider-filled mattresses.

Who asked you to be so particular? Not I. And what is fault-finding but being ultra-particular?

Especially, do not be ultra-particular with yourself. If what you call ordinary is getting past fault-finding, then please be ordinary. Let go of displeasure. Don't be someone who finds fault everywhere and, therefore, no one is quite good enough to join your sorority. Let everyone in. Everyone is My child. That is good enough for Me. Can you find it within yourself to welcome all to the world? You do not own the playground called Earth. Notice I call Earth a playground. I don't call it a workplace.

Yet I do make you responsible for your life on Earth and for courtesy on the land you live on and all whom you meet with. Meet, and do not transgress. Do not step in swamps. Do not put up fences in your heart. That's all that fault-finding can do for you. It is for you to embrace life. Do not push it away.

It is a transgression to not enjoy yourself on the playground of life. Go out there and be joy and give joy and welcome joy. The more you enjoy, the more others will enjoy. Of course, take joy in others' joy. You are here to give life and everyone in it a chance. You are not here on Earth to fault it or the others on the playground with you.

You are here in the world to rise above it and lift it high along with you. As you rise, so does the world. The world and everything in it responds to you. Give the world and everyone in it something lovely to respond to. Love the world. Play in it.

I, of course, love you regardless of your grouchiness, yet you do not love yourself enough. If you loved yourself more, you would smile at the world more. Become a great human being who loves with all his heart, who loves the world as it is and yet sees a far expanded picture of it.

You are an artist who paints the world. Use beautiful colors. Embrace every detail in your painting. If you do not like the way life on Earth is today, then paint a better one. Be lively now.

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I am quite sure in my yesterday post, the verbs conjugation was incorrect.
I have also been thinking, incorrectly, that the sun is too hot, people too many ( I will never manage to host all of them!), that I simply do not sleep, neither on the floor nor on a eider-filled mattresse and so on.
Thank you for reminding me this is not a workplace, but a playground, I tend to forget it...my fault of course.

thank you God for your liveng day by day for os

dear God heavenley father,
your letter today it realey maen for os
and remind os, and thank you , for your liveng day by day
for os, and also am glad you created os of love,
and thank you closser insight in os to remind,
if we do the wrong way, for my self i am glad i have my eye so
i kan see your creature, you giveng to os remind os to love them
spesialey all your chaildren everyhumanform, what everlook like
we are belongs to you, and am glad for, you remind me
everybreath of my life, all your creature and everyform it
belongs to you, thank you God you liveng day by day for me
and to my fameley and sester brothers,

Let go of

one more strong awakening matter: "Yet I do make you responsible for your life on Earth ...but the answer is here: .. would you listen to your Wholeness which is what you hear when I speak? Yes dear God, I hear, I am hearing... "I, of course, love you regardless of your grouchiness... because the wholeness is there also but in swamps and with fences. So good, TY. Love, peace and blessings.


I am the proof of you.

I KNOW this! And I LOVE it. I am enjoying myself more and more as I grow in YOU.


The proof of the pudding is getting to lick the pot.

When I was a little boy and saw my mom making pudding I stood real near her tiny fat self knowing that she'd hand me the pot to lick. I loved running my finger around the pot and sucking the last bit of taste from my mother's love gift of a pot to lick.

God asks us to run our finger around His love gift of a beautiful world to taste the ultimate goodness of what our lives hold for us even though we don't know "how sweet it is.!" Some times we just roll over for a different dream.

Get out on His playground and Play away the day, while it's still day. Oh! the sleep is so restful!