Understanding Is Generosity

God said:

I love questions from your heart. I love it when you tell Me what's going on with you, what you are feeling, what is important to you, what you are loving and want more of. The intellectual questions are what they are, and yet they are not so revealing of you. They may be a cover-up. In any case, they are a stop-gap, beloveds. They delay your give and take with Me. Your questions of the intellect are like an intermission. They are very intelligent, and yet in intelligence is not where the real meat of life lies.

I sit in your heart as if I were on a swing. I go up and down with you. You take Me to great heights with you, and then you show me the doldrums. Your heart vibrates. Your heart has a primal call.

Your intellect is more like an add-on. It is a clever sort, yet your intellect loves to see itself running from tundra to tundra. Your heart, however, likes to be focused on the giving and receiving of love. Your heart isn't happy without both giving and receiving, not that your heart spends any time pondering on the receiving. Your heart knows that giving suits you just fine. Your heart doesn't really quite know the difference between giving and receiving. Your heart looks at love and not at any particular direction love goes in. It is the turning over of love that captivates your heart. From a camera shot of an exchange of love, a gift of love from one to another, the photo doesn't show who is the giver of the love and who is the receiver of the love. Impossible to tell. There are smiles on both faces.

From a camera shot, all we know that love is being exchanged. Of course, I don't have My picture taken. I don't ask to have My love returned to Me. I am so immersed in love I bring that up only to the degree that giving love serves you more than receiving love serves you, serves you more than coveting love, serves you more than hunting for love or demanding it.

Love has no questions. Love is not a reporter asking who, where, why, when, what, how much, how little. Love dives in and asks only to dive, meaning only to love.

You like someone to be generous to you because it tells you that you are loved. You like someone to be kind to you because it shows that you are loved. You have coveted love and you have coveted proof that you are loved. Now covet the giving of love, and give love generously. Give love because you are generous as I am generous.

No longer count love and return only an equal amount. Be generous regardless of how much love someone else spends on you. Give where generosity is not expected. Expect generosity of yourself and expect not from anyone else. If someone has to repay your generosity, how generous have you been?

Give kindness not in equal measure. Give kindness because you like kindness so much, you experiment in being kind. Not for a reward, beloveds. Your reward is in your ability to give kindness, not as a rich man to a poor man but as one who knows only kindness and so is being kind and rewards himself and Me. A poor man is kind to you in his acceptance of your gift.

You give because you want to give. Give that which you especially want. You want someone to be generous to you? Then you are generous in spirit to all who cross your path. How generous it is to be understanding.

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Beautiful Message and Reminder for me and all of us

This is a beautiful messages and reminder for all of us. It is just what I needed to hear at this moment.

Can you all please pray for me, and all of our brothers and sisters who have started a transcription class that we might pass it and do good in it. I would really appreciate it.

Beloved Anynomous

We love you and wish you and everyone all success in thr transcription class and everywhere. .

We are not a prayer group, however. I bet you and God can do a good job on your own!

kind, generous, understanding

"I love it when you tell Me what's going on with you...".
I don't want to be or become just a good fellow or a loving person, the world is full of them.
I understand you speak for all and I speak for myself, not always we can meet.
Maybe that is just intented to be so, because in seeing what I am not interested in, I can see better what I really want.



I very much love Your HeavenLetter to us today! To me. I particularly love your reminding
me that the Giver of Love, I and the Receiver of Love, You, or any of my Angel Brother/Sisters
are always smiling at this exchange.

YOU have only sent us angels, I'm aware of that today, and they deserve our love, without


Gloria tells us about "The light switch"

Walking in a dark room we grope the wall to find the light switch.

Walking into a darkened heart we tune our understanding to the vibrations of the dark soul. If there's hurt, we comfort and heal, if there's joy, we share if possible, if there's dreaming we try gently to wake them to a place of Knowing.

This can be giving, or forgiving. Love is such a gentle key


love and ligth,

dear heavenley father,
thank of your masseges,
i love given i love to reserve,
i am glad of my hearth to fell given and reserve
but somtimes i fell opset, if some one i give to my reserve
and given and kindnes, the dont understand what al maen,
aslong i know my self who i am i am love given and kindnes
love light,

God answers questions

I work with a woman who is about 14 years younger than I am. I feel she's a good person, but she often has dark moods where she gets very hostile. I know she's had a lot of hard things to deal with in the last few years after having lived a pretty spoiled girl life so I've learned to do my best to stay out of her path when she's like that but it was getting worse and worse and one day I came home steaming from all of that rude moodiness and was still feeling angry the next day (Saturday).

I decided I didn't like feeling that way so I sat down and asked God to show me a better way to deal with the situation instead of feeling resentful, and wounded. It didn't take long for Him to give me an option and I got right to it! I love to cook so I made a nice big special meal for she and her husband, packed it up, called her and asked if I could drop something off. When I went to her house and handed her the dinner filled box, she was astonished. I had not prepared what I was going to say, so it just flowed out and I said "I just wanted you to know that I appreciate you." She looked shocked, teared up and hugged me so hard! She has been a different person since then because I now see her fighting to control her dark moods.

Last week was my one year anniversary in the office, and she made a beautiful flower arrangement for me with a card telling me how thankful she is that I'm a gentle, kind, caring woman. I now understand that she is a gift to me, because from her I'm continuing the lessons in being less judgmental and not to react to things like this as a personal affront. It's not about me. Thank you for constantly reminding us that we CAN have the joy of hearing from God.

Barbara makes me happy!

You're like a real live Barby Doll that makes us squeal with joy.


A beautiful story, dear

A beautiful story, dear Barbara. I believe God says that is what is meant by turning the other cheek. It's seeing a situation in a different way. This woman needed and wanted love, and you gave it to her, and you made her happy and you made a friend for life. God bless you.

1 Heavenletter Haiku for

1 Heavenletter Haiku for you

Hello Friends,

God said your reward
Is giving what you want to
Because you love to

Love, Light and Aloha!