As the World Rises

God said:

Someone has to step out of the mold, and I think that someone is you. Step out of the established patterns without fanfare. It is not that you give up the world. It is just that you start following your heart. Sometimes you haven't heard your heart. You haven't consulted it. You may not have even considered it. Many times you have simply followed along on a march that many follow along on and yet where your heart is not. Nevertheless, your heart is beating, and now you begin to listen to it.

For how long can you neglect your heart? For how long can you follow a march that isn't your heart's beat? When you listen to your heart, your life may not seem so different on the outside, yet the path you have stepped out of is the well-beaten past. The past no longer holds you in its thrall.

Love your heart, and love what it tells you. You are not, beloved, meant to be a marionette nor are you to pretend to yourself that you are.

And, yet, it is not enough to step out of something. There has to be something you are stepping into. There has to be something you choose. Otherwise, you are just a protestor when you are meant to be a leader. You can be a silent leader, and yet you have to be going in a direction, not simply away from another direction. And so you choose a course. It may be that, heretofore, you have been hesitant to choose a course that your heart aligns with. You are not rebelling, beloveds, you are simply choosing.

The urge to be like everyone else is over. Now you consider your heart's desires. No longer do you fluff off your heart's longings in the name of conformity. Oneness does not mean that you conform to world thought. Oneness does not mean you run with the crowd. Observe the world, and yet not be caught up where your heart is not. Give your heart a break. Listen to what it tells you. At least remember that you have a heart, and it has its say.

Again, you are not going against the crowd. That is no honor. You are simply going your way without offense to anyone or anything.

You do not feel superior to anyone else nor are you hostile. You do not fight others' thinking. You simply find your own. You think for yourself, and you are peaceable while you are at it.

True, everyone is on his or her path to Me. The ways to Me are limitless, and yet the only way is through your heart. Machinations of the mind do not bring you to Me, you understand. Cleverness does not bring you to Me. Popularity doesn't not bring you to Me. I bring you to Me. My desire for you brings you to Me. You pick up on My desire, and it becomes yours. Your heart longs for Me. You desire to be in My image.

I do not take away your free will. It's simply that you find out what your free will is. It becomes a question of what you choose to bet your money on. You can be sure it is not long-term sufferance that you bet on. Sufferance doesn't serve either you or Me. Serve Me in life by knowing your heart, and you will assuredly serve the world as you let go of the world. Then you are free, and the world rises.

The world too has to remove the shackles of the past. The world too has to be free to breathe. You have every right to choose your path and offer freedom to the world.

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"You have every right to choose your path and offer freedom to the world."

This morning at 8 am I asked to myself if it was right the choise I have done for my life and freedom of my life. A choise I find revolutionary in comparison with my past.
At 8:54 am I find this Heavenletter. It happens always more often.

listening to God

Chuck, I answer you here because, maybe, in this letter there is a clue.
We expect God will communicate with us through words beautifully phrased, as it happens with Gloria. But maybe He also tries to communicate with us through our heart, using no words at all. When I feel attraction, or inspiration, or longing, or any impulse to do or say something, is it possible it comes directly from God?
How much important would it be then to know and follow what we call "our" heart desires!

Thank you, Emilia

Lovely, lovely, Emilia, thank you so much for your thoughts! It seems to me, now, that my question was a flower that has now started to open its blooms with all the answers I am being offered. Funny how I felt embarrassed to post such a question. How silly I can be! I totally agree with you, it does seem clear that my attractions and longing and impulses, especially the impulses that feel loving, are God speaking to me through my own heart. My challenge is to become ever more attentive and knowing about my own heart and to develop the courage to follow it and trust its wisdom. Thanks, again, Emilia, and all those who have responded to my questioning. Love to everyone….Chuck



What a sublime Letter you write to me today! Today,I DO GIVE MY HEART A BREAK!

'"GIVE ME A BREAK!!" cries out my heart and I hear. My heart does have lovely things

to say, when I listen to it. I choose today to go the way my heart tells me. In doing so, I surely

don't feel superior to anyone. DEAR GOD, YOUR DESIRE FOR ME IS NOW WHAT BRINGS



HEAVEN #3345 As the World Rises, January 21, 2010

My first newsletter "As the World Rises" after being guided to your beautiful website Gloria. These words hold such wisdom.

This newsletter is who I am. I have stepped out of the mold. The old patterns of my life are no longer resonating within my heart. I have embraced the world in a new light. I follow my hearts path daily, I embrace all that God has given me. For now, I speak my truth of who I am and I share with the world.

I feel Gods word within this newsletter embracing me with his heart that is full of love. As I read it over and over the words are familiar, they are the oneness of who I am as a part of God. The freedom of my free will to chose God's love and the love of the world and all of its beauty within this vast blue green planet.

"I do not take away your free will. It's simply that you find out what your free will is." I love this sentence. Yes...we were given "Free Will". Free will to live our lives as we chose. When we come to earth our memories are erased of who we are and what we know to be truth and love. Why is that? It is because we came to learn and experience with our "Free Will". Our "Free Will can guide us in any direction. However, looking within our hearts to experience our "Free Will" will guide us to know the truth of our existence of our being.

It is Our Life’s Purpose with our Free Will to find that Spark of The Divine within ourselves that we have always known. We have been set free here on earth to find it.
I look forward to receiving all my "heavenletters" newsletters and reading all your site.
Beautiful Gloria,
Deborah Mathews

Blessings Gloria Wendroff

I just came across your site and love it. I just
subscribed to Heaven.

I'd love to place your link on my site and wondered if you could write a nice paragraph to go with your link.

Please let me know if I can place your link on my website and if you could write something wonderful about your site and God.
I want to start a page on God so the world can connect to Him.

A Touch of Heart

Beautiful Soul, Your website

Beautiful Soul,

Your website has touched me beyond measure. I love your heart. I would be honored to have Heavenletters™ linked to your site.

When we have an upgrade to our site, we will have links, and your site will be there for sure.

I'm so happy that you subscribed and are participating on this forum.

Will the following wording work for you, Deborah? I confess I took it from the Home Page of this website.

"Receive God’s words. Allow your heart and God’s heart to merge. Come closer. Let God’s contemporary words become a joy and the delight of your heart.

I"s it presumptuous to say Heaven Letters are from God? Perhaps the presumption is to say that God is not talking to us – all of us – all the time. So we say again, Heaven Letters are letters from God, and they are for you. Everything God says is meant for you, and each day’s Heaven Letter contains a new message God wants you to hear that day.

"For people of all faiths, or of none, Heaven Letters are like a walk you take with God. With each step, you come closer until you find there is no distance between you and God. Welcome."

Thank you for helping to make God and Heavenletters known.

With love and blessings,


Thank you Gloria - I've added your website to mine

I have placed your website information on my website on this page:
"Messages from Heaven"

And one of your BlogTalk radio shows with Al Diaz (who I know personally, he is one of the 15 authors for Transformation that I helped edit and write a chapter in)

And your video with Sandie interviews Gloria on the Lightworkers broadcastfrom Steve and Barbara Rother on this page.

I also screen shot your amazing video and made a JPG of "HeavenLetters presents Journey into Oneness" I love this video and it adds it to the same page.


Beloved Deborah, You move

Beloved Deborah,

You move fast! And how thoughtful of you. Please know how much your caring and generosity are appreciated.

All Diaz is a long-time subscriber of Heavenletters! And now to learn that you helped edit his book and contributed to it! Small world, as they say!

Deborah, the first link you give above takes me somewhere else: Thought you would like to know.

The second link you give works great.

You are single-handedly doing all you do? You are a computer whiz!

Will you kindly tell me how to get to the Heavenletters Presents Journey into Oneness?

And we're so happy to have you here on this forum. I tried to register on your site, but, alas, I was unsuccessful.

God bless you a thousand times over. With love, Gloria

Blessings Gloria

I clicked on the link that did not work - not sure why that happened.

Here is the same link, it should work. I've tested it 12 times since editing it.

The book Al submitted an essay into is a collection of 15 authors. So he is one of the 15 who have some amazing wisdom to share.
The book idea way by my friend Raul who is the publisher and my spiritual guide who I met last July. I was helping him typeset some flyers for his site and workshops and he asked me to help edit the book. That lead into him asking if I would like to write an essay. My very first published piece. Next is my book.

Yes, I have computer graphic design background since 1991 when I bought my first computer and First Publisher, then was asked if I would go to work for our Casino. Worked on Mac's there and have PC now and use photoshop, illustrator, quart, and a dozen more. Worked there one year then my son was killed, immediately went to college in Long Beach CA and had to abruptly quit because my husband got cancer and died just 18 months after my son was killed. So they are my two angels who watch over me along with my two sets of mothers and fathers (adopted) and my in laws and brother-in-laws all in spirit. We just lost another niece yesterday, only 36. I have four Angels that surround me constantly and I'm trying to find out their names, one starts with an A she showed me and I've seen in dreams. I have a Native American Spirit Guide "Star Heart" also. You can see all that on my website. I have a picture of her also on there riding her bear.

Deborah :)
PS Would you like me to email you directions to register on my site. I'd love you to post your photo also. :)

1 Heavenletter Haiku for

1 Heavenletter Haiku for you

Hello Friends,

God said step on up
Just start following your heart
It brings you to Me

Love, Light and Aloha!

I bring you to Me

❝Machinations of the mind do not bring you to Me, you understand. Cleverness does not bring you to Me. Popularity doesn't not bring you to Me. I bring you to Me. My desire for you brings you to Me. You pick up on My desire, and it becomes yours.❞