Unconditional Love Is a State of Being

God said:

So much is said in the world about unconditional love that it has become a terminology, a cause, an effort, and sometimes a pretense. When you reach this place of what is called unconditional love, you simply won't think about it. Love is not like learning something and then applying it. Loving unconditionally doesn't mean you don't see certain conditions. It doesn't mean you dodge them either. It doesn't mean kidding yourself.

It is good to have the intention to love no matter what, yet let go of love as a precept.

Love is not all about an action, beloveds. It is about a state of Being. It is a natural state. It has to be a natural state, or it is forced or a pretense.

To tell someone to love unconditionally is like telling someone who sits on the first rung of a ladder that he must instantly jump himself up to the top rung. He isn't at the top rung. He is on the first rung, or the second or third. When he is on the top rung, nothing needs to be said about it at all.

It is like, if your personality is named a particular color, and someone tells you that instead of green, you must become pink, how exactly do you do that? That makes no more sense than telling a puppy to be an adult dog.

All colors are beautiful. They are what they are. Loving isn't a question of painting a different color on you. If you are lavender, and someone paints purple on you, you look purple, but you are still, underneath it all, lavender.

There has been enough effort and pretense in the world. You have spent plenty of time talking yourself into being something other than you are. Growth is a natural thing and must be allowed. It cannot be forced. As a child, you didn't have to make yourself grow taller. You didn't have to make your second teeth come in. Growth is a given. Let it be a given that you will reach the state where you are innocently all-loving. You won't even know it's happened. It is happening right now whether you know it or not.

The world has models of the love you want to truly come from. The Great Spiritual Ones did not assume characteristics. There was no reason to. They were simply who they were when they were. They had no sense of attainment. There was no effort. They didn't evaluate themselves. They didn't even desire to be all-loving. They were all-loving. Their desire was to serve Me. That's where their attention went. They weren't trying to be something. They were something. They gave because it was the natural thing for them to give. Love in its purest form is what they had to give, and they gave it.

They did not adopt a style of loving anymore than they adopted a style of walking.

They did not cultivate an image of themselves. They did not have a list of attributes that they would follow. They followed Me. They never strived to find themselves. They found themselves in Me. There really wasn't that much thought about themselves and their abilities at all. They did not keep looking in the mirror.

You are already growing into pure love. You are shining more light every day. I understand that you don't see it. It is imperceptible to you. Know that you can only grow, beloveds. You are on Earth in order to grow. And so you are growing, and you are growing high.

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Oh what a most amazing good

Oh what a most amazing good morning this wonderful Heavenletter. It is the one topic we came here for.

How I love this here:

Love is not all about an action, beloveds. It is about a state of Being.

Maybe all the more because the world is so much oriented on DOING. Love is BEING LOVE and nothing more is to be said, infinite stillness and infinite awareness.

... and since I love animals so much:

That makes no more sense than telling a puppy to be an adult dog.

Love cannot be forced upon anyone, as you cannot forse a flower into blossom by comand, it follows it's one divine stream. Truly being committed to our Father and hearing only His voice and acting only on His whispers will bring us to unconditional love even without our knowing it.

Forgetting the small self while being committed to the True Self:

They followed Me. They never strived to find themselves. They found themselves in Me.

How beautiful this Heavenletter !!

Heavenly love showers an all.

Unconditional Love Is a State of Being

Just translated it into Dutch and I completely agree with you, Berit, it felt very clear and to the point.
I call it today's Treasure !

with love for all from


Today's Treasure. I kind of

Today's Treasure.

I kind of think that the comments posted here are also Today's Treasures.

Pithy Treasures sort of thought of

You say it just right!

This is why we love you

George palpatating

Dearest Anco, what a

Dearest Anco,

what a blessing your are to the dutch souls that they might enjoy Heavenletters through your loving work, that goes of course for all Heaventranslators !!!!

Much thanks and much love

Berit you boggle my mind with your brilliance

You need no comment from me,

This is LOVE express in words of LIGHT!

George blinking from the beauty


How lovely. Unconditional love - not just for others but for myself. There's a gremlin that, without breaks, constantly runs its comments about my every move being a mistake. I now know - I see the separation between who I am as Spirit and what the gremlin tells me. I care for myself when I live from Spirit; I do destructive things when I take action based on what the gremlin tells me.

Gremlin! That's just how it

Gremlin! That's just how it is!

Kerry, will you kindly tell us about yourself!

Precious Kerry

You know that this was from SPIRIT.

I couldn't see one gremilin! Only YOU growing!

George utterly blessed

Letting go...

Marie Zenack

"I understand that you don't see it. It is imperceptible to you. Know that you can only grow, beloveds. You are on Earth in order to grow. And so you are growing, and you are growing high."

I really appreciate this statement. It is good to remember to let go of effort and allow the growth process to happen. All the saints say that, once you are on the train, it is OK to put down your baggage.

Love, :-) Marie

Your baggage

You're so cute. "Put down your baggage once your on the train." you say but lots of people don't know that they are wearing it on their face, in their hearts, or on the shoulder.

I love the way you say so simply: "Allow the growth process to happen." You know lots of good stuff.

George made brighter by you

Unconditional Love

How many times we think we’re not tall enough. Our ego makes us believe we’re not worth it, we don’t deserve nor give love. But if we could just look deep inside, connect to the Source of it all, we would see there’s so much love to give…unconditionally. It’s just that sometimes we’re afraid to let it show. Afraid of what? Well, I’m not sure. Afraid of being hurt? Afraid of feeling vulnerable? How can we feel that way when Love is All that Is? When love is God Himself? Unconditional love is the most powerful weapon we have to beat any darkness, any fear, any war. When we love unconditionally…Love is in the air.

In Love & Light


Dearest One:

You stoke my inner furnace.

What you write is unconditional LOVE.

George not so puzzled

Growth is a natural thing: It's off to work I go!

This darling writer tells me to stop cultivating an image of myself. Ha, just after i get the hang of being George.

When you get down to brass tacks; I've known all along that I'm just a fake George and that somebody pretty smart is pulling the strings.
I couldn't have known what to do with the men who were dying from wounds of war.

I couldn't have known the answers to give to my precious children growing up in such a confusing world. But, up, they did grow. Once just a baby my oldest is 62 and teaching college. Did I do that? No, neither did he, but a force we can trust pulled him through the water fall of life's rainbow stuff and there he is, a beautiful thing.

It's probably like what Gloria feels when she looks back at her (His) best heaven letters. Growing into pure love isn't something you do, it's something you become by sitting in the middle of NOW and waiting for it to happen.. It just happens and we blink away the tears in wonder at its beauty.

The problem isn't trying to know what you don't know, it's trusting that you do know it but still have to work sort of hard being quiet enough to find it.

George puzzled us usual.

Yes love is natural - just

Yes love is natural - just like that smiling

One of my 4 cats - Faith -

One of my 4 cats - Faith - is helping me out when I am writing - now - and ever so often. Anyway - I was just going to say, that there is only one way of loving - Loving Unconditionally - this Love turns on the Light. Good Evening America..

Loving the world

Thank you all for all of your comments about unconditional love. So beautiful to just allow life to unfold itself in its own way...on its own terms and turf. To allow is to love...to behold. To resist any temptation to control or correct or condemn...is to relax...to allow the divine within to extend love always. Love and blessings, Jim.

Loving the world


You have a way of expressing the essence of God's nature that blesses me!


1 Heavenletter Haiku for

1 Heavenletter Haiku for you

Hello Friends,

God said you are love
Unconditional love is
A state of Being

Love, Light and Aloha!

Love, love, love. I think

Love, love, love. I think there isn't any other subject in the world people discussed more than love. It is wonderful that such a feeling exists and bothers our souls from time to time. I don't know about unconditional love, but the only love, or love forever is the most wonderful thing that happens to a person during his/her life. Well, in my vision I can compare unconditional love to the love of mother to her child. She just love her child no matter if he is good or bad.

Sally San gives us love, love, love.

You are drawing us toward love and Being.


Beloved Sally, it's

Beloved Sally, it's WONDERFUL to have new people come here. Thank you for finding us.

Please note we try to keep centered on Heavenletters here and not send readers to You tubes etc. There are so many great Youtubes.

I appreciated very much what you were saying. If only all mothers were relaxed enough to love, what a world we would have.

God bless you.

With love,


my son just punched me in

my son just punched me in the stomach and put several holes in the wall. since this kind of aggression happens daily, and there's no help anywhere, it's difficult to keep the unconditional love going.

Dear Anonymous, I am so

Dear Anonymous, I am so sorry.

Dear Anonymous, Although I

Dear Anonymous,
Although I don't know your circumstances, I do feel your pain. My heart goes out to you.

I have spent over 20 years working first with young offenders in Correctional Services and the last 17 years in Developmental Services. Many of the people I supported were struggling with different spectrums of diagnoses. Some were verbal, many others were not. I struggled enormously with how to communicate so that I could be of some help and comfort. And be able to enhance a life to some small degree.

I was a primary support staff to a fellow who had lived at home with his parents until the age of 20. He became so aggressive and would target his mother, that they needed to find a different living arrangement for him. He came to our behavioural treatment home. He could not hear or speak, and he suffered from Autism. He had worked with a sign language specialist and could sign very well. His parents though, were older and felt they were past the age to learn a different way of communicating with their son. They had done the very best they could with the tools they had.

I learned basic sign language in order to try and communicate. That was great help in determining this fellows needs and what he was trying to say. But there were times when he became very aggressive because something was going on, and no one knew what it was. He would kick and punch, anyone or anything in the way.

He had a protocol, where he would need to be physically re-directed to his room. He would eventually calm down, and that is when there was this brief moment in time, where I was able to connect with him. He had become so frustrated over the years, because he could not express himself.

I was gradually able to intuitively sort out what some of his issues were. I would watch his expression, his body language, I would try and mimic him when he would physically express something. This does require unconditional love. My feelings and emotions, and any physical pain I may have been in because I had been punched or kicked, I had to put to the side, for the moment, and focus on him. Be in the moment, for that few minutes.

For example, he would often hold his head and wince in pain. (he had never learned how to blow his nose). I would do the same thing and ask him if that is where his pain was. He would sign yes.

I have had sinus pain of my own and I wondered if that might be part of the problem. Or perhaps a migraine.

I had begun to use some aromatherapy with him as he appeared to respond to scent and the healing properties of essential oils. I put a few drops of lavender and eucalyptus in a bowl with hot water, and had him lean over and breathe it in. The lavender helped him to calm down, and the eucalyptus helped to clear his sinuses.

Eventually he had xrays taken and it was determined that his sinuses were blocked. And that had contributed to his headaches.

Mind you that was just one of many concerns.

I do apologize for the length of my story.

I am not sure where you are, or how much energy you have spent trying to find help for your son. I don't know his history or condition. If he is punching you and the walls, he is trying to express something to you that he can't find a way to, and has become frustrated to the point that he is aggressing.

Wait until your son is calm. Look into his eyes, and ask for a sign, some form of expression to connect with him. I truly believe that these children come into our lives to teach us. We need to learn to speak their language, as difficult as that may be. As his mother, you have the bond with him, and he will look to you as the person who should "know" what he is asking for. Whether you do or not.
Try to find the strength to move past the aggression.

Many children in this time are coming into the world with sensitivities to so many things. They are also here to teach us to love without boundaries and conditions.

Please reach out to your community as well. Be his voice, and don't stop until someone listens to you. It is so true that often when we have nothing left, and no fight in us to try one more doctor, or social worker, that we get up one last time and that is when we are brought to the person who can help.

My prayers are with you and your son and family.

In love & light,

Beloved Anonymous, see

Beloved Anonymous, see Lynda's comment in response to an entry on the blog called Deeper than Language.

Lynda's work is beautiful!

Lynda your long love letter to "anonymous" took much work and time and love. I commend you. I also commend your wisdom. Lots of people will, or should read your long, good letter.


Precious Gloria forgive me.

I commented on the you tube Sally sent. I'm sorry i didn't think it through. Next time I will.