God said:

Why not enjoy life, beloveds? Making the best of life is not good enough. Have joy in it. Mold your life like clay. Or plant your life with love and see it grow. Consider Earth your garden, and tend to it. Tender care to it. Go around in it every day. Notice the petals blooming. Your attention makes the roses bloom. They show off for you.

Let your presence be a balm on Earth. Why not, beloveds?

You came from unboundedness. Stay with unboundedness. You are not meant to contract on Earth but to expand. You simply haven’t been thinking big enough. You have been thinking in terms of two pennies when you can think in terms of millions. I am speaking of giving. I am speaking of your contribution to the world.

You may have been thinking of doing nice things for others. Now think of doing bigger nice things for others.

Consider your gifts to the world like a smile that grows.

You were going to treat someone to dessert? Treat them to the whole meal. No longer pinch generosity. No longer pinch it at all.

Go wild with generosity. Go God-wild with it. Quietly. Even your thoughts of bestowing joy on others bestows joy. Do not think you are being magnanimous. Just know you are giving happiness. Just give to your heart’s content. Give large. Give wide and far. See a need, and fill it. Without a word is good. And so your heart is filled.

Anonymous is good because anonymity keeps you from wanting thanks. It keeps you involved in giving, and leaving it there. It is all between you and Me. It always was. No matter to whom you give, you are giving to Me.

There is too much restraining in the world and not enough giving. It is not give and take. It is give. The act of giving equates to not withholding that which is yours to give. Give according to your means, but your means is your heart, beloved. Open your heart, and you will spontaneously give.

You are a pitcher of cream that God tips on Earth. As I tip the pitcher of you, your pour yourself out. It is My hand that moves you.

You are privileged to be able to give. And the one who receives is also privileged. You cannot miss privilege.

It is good to bestow goods, yet, if you bestow trees, also plant them.

Deliver, deliver yourself. You are the gift. Be it.

What have you never thought of to give before? When you think of it, give it. What has no one ever thought of to give before? Well, then, give it.

Think of opportunities to give rather than to keep. Do not wait for special occasions. Today is a special occasion. Give the giving today.

Give someone a hand. Mow their yard. Someone is carrying a heavy package? Carry it for them. Be a gentleman. Be a lady. Be a giver of My wares.

It is your heart you give, and Mine with it.

All gifts you receive come from Me. All gifts you give come from Me. You merely pass on to others all the gifts I have given to you. How fortunate are you to give My love away. Give it today.

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OMG, this is really

OMG, this is really inspirational! I did got an answer to my question...how can I help others, how can I start this loving & unconditional project? And there it was! I'm full of joy just to read God's words. Thank you, Creator of it-all, for being in touch, for your wise advise...and for caring about me and others.

In Love & Light,