The Stars Above

God said:

Most wonderful things are going to occur today. A menu is written in chalk on a slate as at a restaurant. There is the catch of the day. There are specialties of the house, and there are the usual things this restaurant serves. There are many choices. You do not know what to choose. Do you know that it doesn’t matter that much? Life is not such a serious thing as you have thought.

Tomorrow there will be another catch of the day, and there will be new fresh items and delicacies created for you to choose from. You will eat, and then you will get up, and you will walk through the streets. You might as well whistle while you are at it.

It does not take great thought for your food to digest. You let it digest. So let it be in life. Choose, eat, enjoy, and walk around the block. No need to make a to-do of what has occurred. Life has occurred. You are a part of it. Whatever has occurred, all you have to do is to get up from the table, push your chair back, and move on. Tomorrow is another day, another restaurant, another menu, other choices for you to make.

Every day you get a taste of life. You develop your palate. The one who leaves the restaurant is not the same as the one who entered. The one who leaves has eaten. It is enough he has eaten. What he ate doesn’t matter so much now.

To a certain extent, you digress in life. What is happening now cannot always be the most important thing. Even urgencies are not urgencies. You are emerging from a restaurant of life. This is a daily occurrence. It is not an emergency if you come out a different door.

Take your assignment in life which is to give love – take that seriously in that you remember your assignment and go forward with it. Everything else is a flash in the pan. Have a flaming dessert. The fire puts itself out, beloveds.

One day follows another, so it seems. But it is you who follows the days. You enter, and you emerge. Now, beloveds, there is a beautiful sky to look up at. You forgot that, haven’t you? You are in a hustle-bustle of traffic, and you forget there is a beautiful sky above you. You forget there is a blue sky and a formation of clouds coasting in the blue sky, a formation never seen by the eyes of man before. Don’t miss it. Clouds will pass by. You, yes, you, take a minute now to look up at the sky. As you step on the pedal on your way to work, peek at the sky above. You will get to work on time just the same.

Let the sky carry you, as it were. Your tires will grip the road. Your car will take you where you are going. Let your heart alight on the sky, a precursor of Heaven. It is the preview. If you are a reporter, write a headline: “The Most Beautiful Sky Today. One such as never has been seen before has been reported... “

What is your hurry? You cannot be late for life in the world, for you are already here. No need to speed.

I have provided a sky over you so that you may look at it and absorb its wonders. Looking up will feed your soul. Take ten minutes today to put your attention skyward. See the rising sun when you can. Observe the night sky nightly. It is there for you to look at. Why do you think the stars appear each night if not for you to look at them? They are giving you their light. Let the night stars enter your eyes and rejuvenate you. You have such a gorgeous opportunity. Don’t miss it for anything in the world. Sure, there are many other things to do. On your way to them, be a star-gazer. Let the stars meet themselves in your eyes. What can compete with this nightly display?