Ultimate Forgiveness

God said:

There are those who cannot forgive Me. I will tell you that there is nothing to forgive. And there is no one to forgive. Not Me, not anyone.

Even when a grievous act has been committed against you or your loved ones or your country, you must let go of the grievous act or you pierce yourself with it a thousand times over. You must let go of your grievousness. Unforgiveness is poison. When you ingest poison, you know to remove it from your system. Unforgiveness is an invidious poison. Unforgiveness is like a steel rod that pins you to a certain spot. It hinders your development. That steel rod of unforgiveness has to be pulled out.

Lick your wounds and then be done. There has to be an end to wounding. Wounds are meant to heal. You are not to nurse them forever. Even if your legs were chopped off, you have to let the stumps heal. If your family was destroyed, you still have to get up from the ashes. You must.

Let your memoriam to beloved injureds be your letting go. They do not want you to still be hurting. They do not want you to perpetuate their wounds. They don’t want you to build a memorial to wounds, point to them, wear them around your neck like a locket or on your chest like a medal. Your beloved ones say you have kept your wounds and bandages long enough. Your beloved ones want you to drop your wounds and the coverings you have invested in them. They want you to drop them and walk off and leave them. They say you have been making a memorial, not to them, your loved ones, but to the offense and the offenders. They say you have been making an altar to that which you detest.

You must not hold anything against anyone. This is not about someone else. It is not about a deed they committed. It is about you. I am looking out for you. You are the one who has to let go, and you have to let go now.

Furthermore, you do not own the offense. It does not belong to you. The greater the wrong that was done, then the greater must you balance it. You have to go the other way, drop retaliation and heartache, and pick up a bigger vision. It is you who must make amends. You must make amends with your heart. You have been punishing it.

You do not own the offense, yet, in another sense, you own every offense. Every offense is against you. Any malicious act that has ever been committed to anyone in the universe was also done to you. Whatever has hurt any family, has hurt yours. If another country is wounded, your country has also been wounded. Others, other families, other nations – they are others in name only. Whatever hurts another also hurts you.

You must absolve all the hurt ones in the world, and you must also absolve all the hurters in the world, for they too are your brothers. There is no crime committed that, in your heart, you have not committed.

Greatly offended, your heart was murderous. You knew better than to actually commit murder, but you committed murder with a vengeance in your heart. You know what a murderer feels like, because you have felt as he has felt. You too have felt wronged, with every right to denounce. You too, somehow, have felt above the law of love.