What Note Do You Need to Hear Played?

God said:

I have said that all problems of the world are caused by one thing, and that is that My children do not know how loved they are.

Since this is the case, you must rally yourself and search for evidence of lovingness. It is not for you to sit and wait for love to come. Nor is it for you to sit and point out all the love that has not come. It is for you now to point out all the love in the universe and give it to yourself.

If no one has sent you flowers, go out and pick a lone flower for yourself. Love this flower that you choose to adorn your heart.

If no one has taken you out to eat, then present a meal to yourself worthy of a king, and sit down and eat it.

If no one notices you, seems to care about you, take an interest in you, then it is up to you to notice someone, care about them, take an interest in them.

If you walk down the street and no one says hello to you, then you be the one who says hello.

If you feel lonely or isolated, someone else does too. Ease their loneliness.

No more thinking that you are on Earth for yourself.

Come from the premise that you are here to serve others. That means you are to be a leader. A leader is a great servant. He is thinking of the good of all.

As a leader, wherever you are, whatever your capacity, you are the host and others are your guests. Even if you are at the funeral of your own son -- those who come to comfort you in your sorrow, you are to comfort them.

Wherever you are, whomever you meet, it is for you to help them lift their eyes, if only for a minute.

Perhaps no one else in the world notices you, then you are to notice them. You are the one to step out into the universe and twirl your baton.

There are those who wait for Me. “Let God come to me,” they say. “Let God take the first step. Let me see God, then I will consider presenting myself to Him.” Some even say: “Let God prove Himself to me, then maybe I will open to Him. Let’s see how He treats me before I acknowledge Him.” And so you are imperial.

I am your Creator. Am I to be your Entertainer? Am I to dance before you? Am I to wave My hands in front of your face in order to gain your attention? Am I to pull up every chair for you like a host at a restaurant? Am I your maid, to do your bidding? Are you to snap your fingers at Me? Am I to dance to your tune?

Beloveds, you already have My attention. I do dance before you. I do wave My hands. I do everything to gain your attention. Everything but make you know Me. That you have your free will for.

Believe in love without conditions, restraints, prerequisites, gradations, exclusivity, requirements, kneeling… I ask you to give Me your love. Beloveds, you already have Mine. Now I ask you for it back, not to take anything away from you, but so that you may multiply love in your heart and in the world. Offer My love back to Me, and you will extend it. Your love will embrace the whole universe, and it will embrace you. What note do you need to hear played before you get out on the dance floor and dance?