The Buddha

God said:

The world has you in its thrall. It distracts you from Oneness. The world is so very busy. Sometimes it is all-consuming. The world makes you believe that there is something you have to do, and that it is important, as if your very life depends upon it. The world would teach you that doing is more important than Being.

Perhaps life on Earth is the story of the Tortoise and the Hare. Perhaps the real story is that the tortoise could have won the race by staying right where he was. Perhaps he could have won the race without running in it at all, simply by virtue of his thought rising from Being. Perhaps, when you come down to it, there is nothing on Earth but Stillness.

From the well of Being, you have a thought. A thought is like an itch, and you feel impelled to act on it. So you do some acrobatics, and you think you have done something, and you think something has happened. This is the arena of life in the world.

If I am everywhere, where is there for Me to move to?

If you desire calm in the midst of action, then you must be like the Buddha. He sits, and the world revolves. He is a perfect example of being in the world but not of it. His sustenance is not from the world. Rather he sustains the world by the level of his thought. In the midst of calmness, life moves. The Buddha does not run. He does not have to. And as the world revolves, the Buddha laughs. Is it not amusing to know that you are independent of the world? to know that you can get everywhere and accomplish everything within the motionlessness of where you sit? Buddha’s physical sitting is a metaphor for the interior stillness of life.

Being is still. Being moves across the stage, but Being is unmoved. Or We can say that Being has one motion, and that is love, and that love encompasses everything. Certainly it permeates everything. Love seeps in everywhere although everything is already steeped in love. Established in the center of love, where is there to move to? Where is there to get? And who is there to get there?

There is nothing in the world but I, and I am not of the world. I do not race around. I do not panic. I do not have deadlines, for all is accomplished. All was accomplished from Being and the inception of My thought. This is how I can say that all is well, mean it, and know it, and so can you.

What is the flurry about? There is no storm. There is Being.

There is no upheaval. A crane can dig up love and turn it over, and it is still love. A spoon can scoop up love, and stir it in coffee, and still it is love. You can be stirred in the world and yet be unstirred. Only love can stir you, and you are already stirred, and so you are complete, and love is all. So love is the stirrer, the stirred, and the simple act of stirring with or without a spoon.

You are immersed in love. There is nothing else to be immersed in. There is no immerser but love, and love is the immersion.

Is there a physical world? There is the thought of it. Are you physical? Your body is. And your body is a thought. You are beyond thought, but you cannot be beyond love.

Candy is candy. It comes in many flavors, shapes and sizes, and yet it can only be candy. It can be a candy truck or a candy Santa Claus, and still it is candy.

Whatever form you take, you are love. You cannot be unlove. Unlove does not exist. You can look unloving. You can be the very picture of unloving, and still you are love, so why not concede and just be it?