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Twists and turns

How Can it Be... and God works in mysterious ways... and well lets say i Thank God for everything today... For me there is no other there can never be i just had to open my eyes to see.
I let go of all the clutter and still letting go of what i thought i once needed, and well nothing in the bank or my purse.. and Thank all those who prayed for me situations and circumstances are being answered now. Even though to some i may be very poor I know I am very rich for I have Gods love to show.... He is there in the midst of us when we truly believe... we have to be prepared to give everything to Him in Love indeed.

Dearest angel, indeed our

Dearest angel, indeed our real wealth lies within our heart, our real wealth is being One with God. I send you a big big hug and kisses.

Love and blessings

Hi Berit, Am learning to

Hi Berit, Am learning to live on Gods word.... He will sustain. God willing Luv Karen

Me too learning to live on

Me too learning to live on God's word !! :Rolleyes:

Love :wub: