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Gloria - You Mind if I Ask a Few Questions?

Hey Gloria,

One of my classes this semester is Culture Religion and Identity. Each week we have a discussion thread where the students respond to a question or two. This week we’re asked to write about someone we know who seems "fully alive" to the meaning of life. I thought you’d like to know that you were the first person to come to mind and the one I plan to discuss.

In addition, we have a weekly project and this one asks us to interview someone and if you’re not too terrible busy I’d like that one to be you as well. It’s three questions with maybe some simple follow-up questions for clarification or such. The questions are:

1. Tell me about a religious experience you have had that made you who you are today.

2. Could you tell me a story or two that might attempt to describe your understanding of an Ultimate Reality or a higher power?

3. What might you tell other people about your religious or spiritual experience that is most important to know?

Please don’t feel obligated because I know you’re busy, busy, busy, but know that I’ll be elated if you can!

Blessings to you,

Kirt, you know I would love

Kirt, you know I would love to do this! My pleasure.

And let's get you an A on your assignment!

Dearest Kirt, these are

Dearest Kirt,

these are really most beautiful topics you are on. Very very interesting the questions you put and of course..... doing all this with Gloria Angel is HEAVEN !!! How lucky you are !

Enjoy this work ! Love and blessings