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There is great strength in being undefended
In leaving oneself open
To trust
It denotes courage of action
A willingness to "just" ride with the wind
Whichever way it may blow
As we willingly "go"
From here to there to anywhere at all
Openly so
We discover a wondrous thing
That We Are the very same wind that does blow
And it was our allowance to let down our guard
That ignited our remembrance of our connection with Oneness as So
We are not a feeble speck blown, to and fro
But an extension of All
The Seed of Creation fully aware
Dynamically, actively
Sowing and Sown


Dearest Mike, most sweet

Dearest Mike, most sweet poet of God, pls pls pls never stop expressing your beautiful heart!!!

Berit, you always bring

Berit, you always bring about in me the awareness of being loved, of Being Love...a word first introduced to me by Gloria, you are an Appreciator of life and love and a reminder to people everywhere of their relationship thus...i Appreciate You, and the kind, dear, sweet Heart that you Have and Are...con todo mi corazon...and likewise to all here and "there", everywhen and where...:)'s mike

Dear, I appreciate your

Dear, I appreciate your poems, and yes your beautiful heart. Expressing love in poems is not a talent I have so the more I appreciate it in you dear Mike. Your way of expressing love and creation is most sweet and delicate, reading your poems is letting this love float into my heart and being and around.
And, yes dear, you are loved and you are love, you are God's precious Child and Heavenletters sweet poet. So, would you like to share more of your beautiful heart with this Heavenfamily ? :blushing:
a dear hug

sure...i'll add something

sure...i'll add something more right now