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Translation into Romanian


I'd like to translate these wonderful Heavenletters into Romanian language.
It would be an honor for me to translate those wonderful words in my native language and to give the possibility to my people to read those marvelous letters from God.

Anyway I don’t know if exist any rule regarding the translations (by date, consecutive, starting with ?) or is free but if you will allow me I’d like to start with “You Are the Knower”.
Let me know if the administrator can create the “Romanian Heavenleters” so I can start working.

God bless you, dear Anca!

God bless you, dear Anca! You make me so happy. Thank you for filling my heart with joy.

You are fulfilling one of our deepest dreams to have Heavenletters translated into Romanian. I don't know how to thank you. I met beautiful people when I was in Romania, and I had an amazing time.

The Heaven book is already translated in Romanian! When I gave a Godwriting workshop, sponsored by the publisher, Monica Visan, in Bucharest, there were 125 people, many with tears in their eyes. The Romanian people entered my heart and have never left, so it was a heartbreak not to offer the daily Heavenletters in Romanian. I am guessing that we will have many subscribers in Romania.

The deepest requirement to translate is that your heart wants to, beloved Anca. You choose the Heavenletters you most want to translate. Feel free to translate as often or as seldom as you would like and can fit into your life. Be easy with it, and don't pressure yourself. We are happy with whatever you can give.

I just said you choose the Heavenletters you want to translate. There is one that we are asking everyone to translate. #2582 The Lock and the Key December 20, 2007. The idea is for this one Heavenletter to be translated into every language in the world! This would have a great effect, don't you think?

Heavenletters are free. All the translators are volunteer.

There is so much I want to tell you! The tech angel who will add Romanian to the forum so you have a place to post your translations speaks Romanian! He is not from Romania but has a business there. I had the privilege of meeting him when I was in Romania. If you would like to read about some of this, please go to the Godwriting Blog Scroll down on the right, and you will see a place to search. Type in Romania, and I believe you will find the entries about Romania. Another word to type in would be Monica. You will also see many beautiful photos of Romania!

The forum has a category called Global Translator Circle. I believe that's where you posted.
You will see other recent entries about translating there, and some exciting news as well.

I will get back to you with more information too.

You will find that the people on this forum are most welcoming, and other translators will also respond to you here.

God bless you. Thank you.

With love,


Wow! Gloria at last! I've

Wow! Gloria at last! I've been waiting so patiently for this. WELCOME ANCA! Your translations will receive many many subscribers.


We also have another new

We also have another new translator from Germany! Actually, two! A mother and daughter team!
They will post something soon. They will work with Stefan who has been translating Heavenletters into German. So now one will become three!

Thank you Santhan for the

Thank you Santhan for the welcome words :)

Thank you very much Gloria

Thank you very much Gloria for your words, I was really touched by them. I hope to do a good job here and I just start working and I felt a lot of joy...really joy...
I just want to ask you something : if I have some questions regarding the letter that I translate now can I ask you here or...

Yes, please ask here! And

Yes, please ask here! And will you kindly send me your land mail address for our records!

Hello Gloria, This is my

Hello Gloria,

This is my email adress : anca [dot] dinaci [at] yahoo [dot] com

Anca....Thank you for your

Anca....Thank you for your loving presence here and your plan to translate heavenletters into the Roumanian language.. Love and blessings...Jim.

Each Country of the world is like a sacred prayer bead...held lightly and lovingly...

Thank you Jim for the

Thank you Jim for the welcome words :)

Welcome Anca !

Welcome Anca ! :thumbup:

Thank you CCMountain for

Thank you CCMountain for the welcome words :)

Dearest Anca, also from my

Dearest Anca, also from my behalf a most heartfelt welcome !!!
It is simply wonderful to have the wonderful Heavenletters translated into Romanian, you are God's Christmas gift to all Heavenreaders in Romania !
big big hugs to you dear.
God bless you

Thank you Berit for the

Thank you Berit for the welcome words :)

Thank you Berit for the

Thank you Berit for the welcome words :)