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Dear Gloria, dear Berit, dear Paula, dear all.....

I hope all of you had a nice Christmas celebration. We participated in (beloved) Elizabeth's Christmas dinner. (Elizabeth is my uncle's wife, she has been with us more than 40 years and every year she organizes a familly dinner on Cristmas Day.)

How do we best contribute to the welfare of friends who are ill?


Dear Engin, the first thing

Dear Engin,
the first thing that comes to my mind is: Leave her to God. God will take care - is taking care - of her. Above all, do not increase her burden with your grieving for her. See how fortunate she is having received this experience in her life. Nothing happens by chance, so somewhere along the line her soul agreed to have this experience. Be honest and sincere with her.

As for yourself, ask Archangel Michael to protect your energy field with a wall of brilliant white light.
There is a simple prayer for this, that I can give you, if you wish, maybe in your private email address.

The last thing your friend needs is for you to be upset. Know that everything is well.


Safe in My arms you're only dreaming. -
Al sicuro tra le Mie braccia state solo sognando.
Love is the Answer.-Amore è la Risposta

Dearest Engin, it must be a

Dearest Engin,

it must be a fanstatic dinner you had. I mean I imagine a lot of people and good food and wonderful happy moments !

I understand very well what you mean when you say you get yourself so much involved that you feel sick. I am learning step by step that my being sick does not really help the people I want to help and so I try to concentrate on what I can do for them. I really don't have any answers or solutions. I offer you some thoughts on all this, for these are the central issues of our lives when they turn up. Nothing goes wrong in the universe, I mean, God does not make any mistakes, I think there is always some reason for which things happen, we don't know the divine plan or the whole picture. We come to this earthly experience with little or no memory of who WE REALLY ARE, and while going on with our lives we set out an agenda for this earthly life. I think our soul has an agenda too, set long before, but we do not know what this agenda is about. For me, it's all about love, about compassion, about the highest expression of who we are, but we do not know how our soul wants to experience these aspects. Of course we don't want anyone to suffer, but illness gives all those who are involved a way of expressing love that a healthy life would not offer. Sad and difficult as all illness is, it is indeed a chance to see life from a totally different angle. Our lives are not about getting the job, going through the week, keeping the relationships going, I think these are important things but not the main theme for which we came here. Maybe the agenda of the soul of your friend is a special one, maybe her soul did choose this way to achieve and express what she came for.

Think if you could heal her instantly thinking that this is what is best. It could be the best but it could also be the worst. Maybe for those involved it is like studying and preparing for a long time for a very big exam to pass, and in you go into the class and tell them that the exam it cancelled and the lesson finishes right here. I don't know if you get the idea of what I try to express, I hope so.

We can surely pray, and we can pray together, for comon prayer is very very powerful. We can pray that all those who are involved may get all the necessary help in order to learn what there is to learn, and to assisten them at our best. We can send them our light and love daily, for when we pray and connect to our source as often as possible, it is of great benefit to those for whom we pray and for us.

I am working with different tools right now and they are a big help to me, for instance "The Art of Allowing" (=the art of letting it in) from Abraham Hicks. It is about being a vibrational match to our desires, so that they realisation may come to our lives, it really wonderful. Another is the SilvaUltramind method. It is about relaxation and visualising and reprogramming our ideas on the alpha level of mind. If you are interested let me know I can give further details.

Dearest Engin, I hope I could be of some help to you and I send you all my love, endless light and joy. Remember that we are eternal beings, and nothing can really harm us, we are LIGHT AND LOVE AND JOY, and you are so much joy and share it so gently with all of us here on this Heavensite.

Love and big big hug to you dear Angel !


Beloved Engin, there is so

Beloved Engin, there is so much wisdom and love in the suggestions you have received.

I would add: Give your friend some Heavenletters.

Dear Angels of my heart. I

Dear Angels of my heart.

I thank you all. Dear Paula thank you very much. :wub:

Dear Berit thank you very much, I like to have more information about those technics, or the name of some books. :wub:

love you all

Here's my take on how to

Here's my take on how to introduce people to Heavenletters:

Send them the link to the Cosmic Wow Generator!

Say something like: Have fun with the Cosmic Wow Generator!

Somewhere along the line, I think it's necessary to say: Subscribe, and give them the link:

Where I learned this was when I read about political campaigns. Everybody knows that the political candidate wants you to vote for him, yet the candidate has to say: "Vote for me."

When I do a book signing, everyone knows I'm there to sell books. Yet my publisher told me:
"You have to say: 'Buy my book.'"

Gloria, I love you, I am in

Gloria, I love you, I am in love with you :wub: :thumbup:

You are in love with

You are in love with Heavenletters and God! That's much better!